Glock 44 rear sight adjustments

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    I'd like to try the 18 round ProMag mags but I have heard good/bad results of them.. 10 rounds is kind of a pain ....
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    Amen,it takes longer to load them than to empty them and when I hear Pro Mag anything I run the other way.

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    Once I found the little devil,the calipers read 0.012 blade thickness.

    Now my rant, why Glock designed such a tiny driver that could get blown away in a strong wind let alone lost very easily is beyond me.
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    A 1/16" (1.5mm) x 0.012" blade is typical of a standard 1/16" jewelers screwdriver... which is included in many inexpensive sets.

    Here's a $6 set that includes a 1.4mm screwdriver.

    Herco HE826 Precision Screwdriver Set

    And, while the tip of the 1/16" slotted driver bit in my Craftsman set (post #7) measures 0.068" x 0.014" (slightly oversized), my guess is it'll still fit okay.

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    Before I found it to measure, your mini screwdriver was what I thought also.
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    Made it to the range this morning to shoot my new Glock 44. My main objective was to see how reliable it was firing different types and brands of ammo. Had 4 different ammos on hand but one was CCI mini-mag and I didn't ever bother shooting that.

    So I fired 120 rounds of 40 each of.....40 grain Aguila Super Extra, 36 grain Blazer and 36 grain Federal Champion. Out of the 120 rounds I fired I had only two failures and they were both stovepipes and occurred with the Blazer. I have shot a lot of the Blazer in my S&W M&P 22 compact and had very few problems with it.

    So in all I thought 2 stovepipes out of 120 rounds is not much of a problem to me. Very happy with the reliability for the first time shooting it. I'll give it a good cleaning and try all 3 again next time I go and see how it goes.

    I did not do any real controlled accuracy testing but I could not tell that it had any serious aim problems. Seemed pretty much evenly distributed about the target. I will probably try to do some more careful shooting from a rest next time I go, but I don't see that it will need much change in rear sight position from where it is now.

    I did take care that the rounds were loaded and in the recommended position in the magazines and I had no problem caused by that, but I did have to adjust each magazine after I loaded rounds. Next time I'm going to try just shoving the rounds in and see if that causes any issues.

    So, all in all, real happy with it and I love how it feels so much like my G19. Wife shot it also and liked it too but she still prefers her M&P 22 compact I think. It is smaller and fits her hand size better, and she has shot it quite a bit so it is comfortable to her.
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