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Following up on THIS MODIFICATION by rbbeers...

When you load the G44 10-round mag, the first eight rounds are held in place nicely, but when you put in the last two rounds you notice some sloppy up/down movement at the front. This can cause the first round to nosedive as it feeds, resulting in a jam, usually when this happens, it gets held up at the lip on the front of the mag.

So, I took a chance and had rear slots cut into both sides of one of my G44 mags today...and IT WORKS perfectly! No more loose top rounds nosediving, all the rounds are held up firmly.

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After measuring everything again, I'm sure the slot only really needs to be about 1/2" overall length, since we're only concerned with the second and third round in the mag being able to kick out to the side a little more. We started the slot about .25" down from the top of the mag, after reviewing, it can be moved up just a hair more, to fully accommodate the entirety of the second round rim, even though it works great now. Will slot another mag on Monday with the smaller slot dimension and post pics here, but this definitely solves the 'first round nosedive' problem of the factory 44 mags, no more holding upside down and shaking, hoping they all line up right. I loaded and unloaded this slotted mag a dozen times, as fast as I could, as sloppy as I could, and it came out perfectly stacked, every. single. time. Just for test purposes, I even turned the mag upside down several times and shook it up, trying to get the rounds to fall out of offset order, but they didn't.

These two slots took an entire FIVE MINUTES with an end mill to create, and we basically eyeballed the whole thing, still came out perfect. Come on, Glock, get with the program already. THIS is how you make a high cap mag. No more excuses.

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I've got to get around to performing the modification to my 44 magazines as it will remove any doubt on loading and feeding.
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