Glock 43x

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  1. PaPow

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    Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh buddie... here in upstate NY, we dont play games.
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  2. Lucian_253

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    At the point I need more then 1 backup mag. I just carry 2 guns. With the exception of a shoulder rig. I have to carry 2 extra mags with those.
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  3. dbrahe

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    I just got to shoot mine yesterday and it was deadly accurate! Hell yes after 50 rounds of 147 grain JHP’s you feel it. It has way more recoil than my Glock 21 but, the point is, I hope I only have to shoot my 43X 2-3 times in real life. The only thing I changed was the sights to the Ameriglo, but the stock trigger is fine IMO. Been waiting for Glock to make my perfect carry gun and they delivered!
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  4. Amen.
  5. Peepaw

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    According to the grapevine you have but a few more weeks to wait. There's are threads on Glocktalk and some other forums about this. I'm a sceptic and will believe it when I see them on the shelves.
  6. j102

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    I already told my LGS to call me when the first shipment of G43x black slide models comes in.
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  7. j102

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    Just got a G43x Black.



    With a G19.


    With a G26.

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  8. glockin9

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    I don't own the G 43x but i'm going to buy the all black one soon.:)
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  9. j102

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    200 rounds today through the G43x, for a total of 300 rounds so far, with no issues at all. Another 200 and it will be ready to carry.

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  10. iRockGlock

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    I love carrying my 43X over my G19.
    But it’s my wife’s gun so she takes it.
  11. j102

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    That means you need another one for yourself.
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  12. cbus43026

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    Long story short version
    Hickok45 loves the 43X (yes he is a Glock fan)
    Hickok45 also refers to the M&P 2.0 compact 9 as a "possible G19 killer"

    Un-named military folks "hate the 43X" calling it "junk" .. The mags not being interchangeable w the 43 do not help...
    The same people state "G19 is their only carry gun".

    Personally , I ditched the Shield 9 as I just didnt like the feel , the trigger and I didnt shoot it consistently. I now have a M&P 2.0 9 compact , and I love.
    Within the next weeks or 2 , I plan to test drive a 43X. If I like it , I'll buy it.
  13. We are Venom!

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    There is also a good aftermarket brand called shield arms they came out with a metal 15 rd. Mag that fits flush with the 43x
  14. TheKraken

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    Just picked mine up today. I bought the package from a friend of mine.

    WIN_20200219_11_28_04_Pro.jpg WIN_20200219_11_31_20_Pro.jpg
  15. Paco

    Paco Member

    I’ve got a month-old 43X (black, naturally—the only way to go, IMO) that already has about 500 rounds through it. A couple FTFs with a particular brand of cheap ammo early on, otherwise splendid function. I’m not thrilled with the trigger, but I’ve been spoiled by other triggers in the past. Will likely put in a 3.5 lb Ghost connector in not-so-distant future. Attached is a pic of a recent target—25 yd, indoors, two-hand grip. It’s certainly capable of impressive accuracy for a compact carry gun.
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