In the past few weeks Glock has been dropping hints of something big coming through its social media channels that has many hoping against hope that the polymer pistol giant is finally debuting a single stack 9mm subcompact pistol.

Clue #1

On March 6, Glock posted a picture of a recoil spring on their Facebook page with the simple caption "This Spring." When taking a closer look at the spring itself, it's different from the new G42 spring that has 12 coils on the left half as this spring only has 10 coils.


The good folks at Triangle Tactical dissected it further and compared "This Spring" to the one found on the G26, Glock's double-stack 9mm subcomp. What they found was that it is virtually identical except that it has a little longer outer spring than on the G26.

In other words, its very 9mm-ish but beefier than the 380 spring...

Clue #2

On March 11, Glock dropped another clue in the form of a slide top profile with "Confidence: fits every lifestyle" emblazoned.


Again, the TT wonks dissected it and found that the (new?) slide has 6 serrations while every other model, save for last year's G42, uses 7. Further, the slide compares very close to the G26.

Pointing in the end to a possible single-stack 9mm tentatively referred to as the Glock 43.

Rumor of which is widespread, with a Google search of that term netting over 2-million hits.

Oh yeah, there is a Russian website that has a leaked photo too


Via a Russian website so there's that...

Past tactics repeated?

About six weeks before Glock officially introduced their G42 pistol, the company began dropping hints that the gun was coming by posting partial images of it on their social media account. As it got closer to debut date, more information was leaked and fed the firestorm for that .380's introduction at the 2015 SHOT show in Las Vegas.

If you take the latest Facebook posts and repeat the timeline, you could see the introduction of whatever Glock is promising at the upcoming NRA Annual Convention in Nashville-- in about six weeks.

While typically new guns are introduced at SHOT, the NRA convention, unlike the Las Vegas event, is open to the public to a much larger degree and has a huge number of industry booths on site. It also has a history of bringing new and interesting models out to the public for the first time.

But-- Glock has something big planned for next week and even has a countdown set up for it

Of course, whatever it is, as of right now, is still anyone's guess.

Maybe what they have to say, released in the new gun doldrums between SHOT and NRA, is big enough to cause its own tidal wave?