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    How is the chamber on the 40 mos is it fully supported, or does it still leave a smilon the brass? Also what is a good replacement barrel?? been using lone wolf is anything out there better? Let me know your thoughts, Jerry
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    It will leave a smile with above book is good, but not great.

    I have a 7" KKM barrel in mine.
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    I'm sure the barrels in the MOS are no different than any other Glock barrel of the same generation. The only difference is the slide cut.
    I'm currently using stock barrels in my .40 Glocks. I tried a Lone Wolf .40 barrel in my 35. Turns out the factory barrel was a bit more accurate and easier to load for with it's longer leade chamber. I've got four gen 3 forties and one gen 4, none of which have chamber problems. I load .40 @ 173-175 power factor, and have no problem with bulged brass. I use range pickup brass, none of which have required a special process to bring the brass back to spec. I should add that I use Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrels in some of my .40s, they work great. You have to adjust OAL with some bullet profiles to accommodate the short leade.
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    All semi auto pistols have some degree of barrel ramp, otherwise they wouldn't feed. Very hot loads may bulge, as is sometimes typical in USPSA Major (165 power floor) Open and Limited guns. Glock aftermarket barrels have varying amounts of ramp, but the higher end barrels like BarSto, Wilson, and Jarvis tend to have shorter ramps and short chambers so they can be finish reamed.


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    The factory barrel from my G40...


    The KKM barrel...

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