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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by garyb, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. garyb

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    I was scanning through my glock store magazine lats night, and noticed several mods. they did not make in the Gen 4 series. And the 36 was one of them, I am seriously considering one, but was starting to think is it a dying bread? and it is kinda parts specific too correct? Any imput from you guys?
  2. Argyle64

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    The 36 will be here for a long time. Especially with the new Springfield XDS coming out soon.

  3. SHOOTER13

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    Nope...not a dying breed...they'll make a Gen 4 soon.
  4. Blades

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    The G36 has a loyal following; my guess, if more people test fired it, they would buy it. Most people want high capacity(me included) and don't give the G36 a chance. I looked at both, but found a used G30sf, so I went with it.

    If you add the +1 extension to the G36 you'll have 8 rounds of .45acp ready to go-- that should be plenty for most encounters.
    I have a 9 round magazine on the way for my G30 so I'll have 10 rounds, only 2 more. Of course I can could carry a 30 round reload if I wanted, but I'll be carrying a 13 round reload instead. :)
  5. I think the "slimline" single stack G36 is a great gun! Just wish Glock would expand the slimline design to other caliber like the 9x19 and .40 cal. I was looking for a gun that would fit my wife's hands, so I bought the G26 Gen4 with her in mind, but the grips where too thick and the .45 Auto is a little to powerful for her, but I really liked the G26, so I sold my Ruger SR9 and took the G26. I love it! I've put over a 1000 rounds thru it with no problem! Not one malfunction! Maybe I'll be able to find her something comparable to the Glock until they make one!