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Glock 36 for sale. Has Glockworx Trigger, night sites, titanium guide rod, extended clip, mic holster, clip draw add on. Fired maybe 200 times. Original parts never used. Ready to carry! I have 1000.00 in the gun and selling for $700.00. Lower 48 only, FFL required. Here is a list of items I have upgraded.

GlockWorx Additions
Price 150.00
ZEV Tech V2 Fulcrum trigger. Milled out of solid billet aluminum. The fastest and most adjustable competition Glock trigger on the market.
Limited Run of Billet Stainless Steel Fulcrum Trigger Pads and Trigger Safeties. Bright polished silver in color. Please select from our drop down menu above. Note the Stainless Steel Fulcrum is +$25

Price: 20.00
ZEV Tech Lightweight Titanium Firing Pin Safety Plunger reduces mass for a lighter felt trigger pull. Small FPS fits all 9mm, 40 S&W, .357 Sig Glocks, 10mm and 45 Gap Glocks. The large FPS fits all 45 ACP Glocks

Price 85.00
ZEV Tech Custom Skeletonized and Polished Stainless Steel Striker is specially designed to reduce the weight and friction of the Glock striker.

Price 69.95
The Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod is 5x heavier than the factory plastic and almost twice as heavy as the Stainless Steel Guide Rod.

The extra weight of our tungsten guide rods for your subcompact Glock helps the gun shoot better and feel better. You'll be able to shoot faster and more accurately while reducing recoil and muzzle jump. It's a drop-in part with the dual springs included and captured on the rod. G36 - 17lbs factory weight.

Price 116.00
Glock Tru-Dot® Night Sight 45ACP
The *ML - 10222 family of sights is meant to fit the 10mm and .45 ACP pistols. These* are the*G20,21,19,30 and 36 pistols .

The Original MIC Holster for the Glock is set up as a all day everyday holster. It features a 60/40 system. 60% retention 40% speed. This model covers the trigger and part of the frame of the Glock. This is an excellent holster for the concealed carry citizen. The Glock can be cycled while in the holster. The hoslter can be put on the Glock in condition one, or condtion two.

The Clipdraw for Glocks
Made from specially tempered spring steel with black oxide coating, Clipdraws are available to fit standard or large frame Glocks. The Clipdraw comes with a slide cover plate that replaces the original and is drilled and tapped for attaching the Clipdraw (see installation instructions below).
Part #GS fits models: M36

The Ultimate Trigger system price 59.95


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And what other extras do you have... Because what you listed doesn't even come close to 1k in parts

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Vegas and cowboy you guys obviously dont understand what kind of mod the glockworx trigger is. 700 is a great price for this gun!
Hell i have a glock 27 with the same trigger im trying to 650.00 and im undercutting myself...

To the OP good luck with your sale!
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