Glock 35 Limited Gun

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  1. I run this gun in USPSA Limited and Limited 10 divisions. I also run it in USPSA Multi Gun. This pistol placed 5th overall in USPSA Multi Gun Nationals in 2010. It is the current USPSA B class National Champion as well.

    This fine piece of machinery was built by Mike Cyrwus at Accurate Iron.

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    beaver tail and grip

    who did your beaver tail and grip, and does it snag on clothes? how much?

  3. Mike Cyrwus at Accurate Iron built all of my glocks. I am assuming that you are talking about concealed carry when you ask about catching on clothing. These are competition guns so I never carry them concealed. The grip is pretty sharp when its fresh so it can rub a hole in your shirt. I wore a hole in the sleeve of my jacket during a 1500 round pistol class from drawing so much. It grip your hand like a SOB though. I love it! I used to use grip tape but that stuff wears out so fast and it slides around when you get it moderatly wet from summer sweat.