Glock 35 jamming

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by bbearmw, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. has anyone had a problem with jamming?
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    Welcome to the forum bbearmw! Enjoy. Good luck, I have had not one problem with my Glocks. What Ammo are you using?

  3. 165 gr. reloads, I have been shooting these for awhile, just started, the only thing that has been changed was I put a dual spring setup in it, thought that might be the problem, put the factory spring back and I still have the problem, it's weird. I have shoot new rounds and still have this problem.
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    I had a problem many years ago when I fell from a truck and jammed my elbows, wrist and, shoulders trying to stop the fall as I was falling head first. I landed on my head anyway.

    Can I help?

    We need a bit more information if anyone here is going to be able to assist.

    What gun make, & model? Is the weapon, new out of the box or brought out of a store or from a friend? What condition is it in? Customized? Has the gun been disassembled (if so) to what extent, and by who?
    What brand ammo, weight projectile, powder load etc if it is factory or reloads?
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    Is the reloads from a reliable source? Almost sounds like squib loads not enough propellant. Also I hope you are using FMJ and not Lead Soft Points.
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    Try using all factory parts in the gun with either American Eagle or Speer Lawman.

    What type of failures are they? Are the rounds failing to feed, in other words failing to go fully into the chamber from the magazine? Are the spent casings failing to eject? Is a chambered round failing to fire when you pull the trigger?
  7. Glock 35, reloads very reliable, the rounds are hanging going in to the chamber, the reloads are FMJ, I have had the gun for about 5 years. I keep it very clean. I shoot on average about 1 time a month, 200 to 300 rounds at a time, magazines have been checked and cleaned. Stormlake barrel is about a year old, (not ported)
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    Check the O.A.L. of the present batch of ammo and try shooting with the orginial barrel.
    I would suspect the ammo first.
    Then the barrel.
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    where does it hang up going in? there is a possibility that the brass has the budge near the rim that can keep it out of battery in the aftermarket barrel.
  10. Have another experienced shooter put some rounds through it and see if it still happens
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    Hey ChrisC! Welcome to the forum, I didn't see if you did an Introduction, if not, that would sure help us all to get to know you! This is a great community and you will get a warm welcome. Enjoy!