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  1. my wife is finding the mag release on her Glock 34 is digging into her hand after shooting a hundred or so bullets. My Glock 17 (gen 4) has a smaller mag release (lower profile). Is there anyone who knows if there are other mag release buttons for her Glock 34 similar in profile to my 17 gen 4?
    thanks in advance
  2. EvilD

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    Not sure about Gen 4's but eh 17 mag release on gen 2 +3 are less protruding on the 17 than the 34. I'll trade ya a stock 17 for a 34 if you want.

  3. not sure you answered my question, but I'm not looking to trade. I'm looking for an answer about the magazine release button... thanks though
  4. jfirecops

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    Most Glock mag releases uses a standard size, so the one for a 17, 19, or most other models will fit a 34 or 35 and the can be easily found on most Glock part pages. I have used before with good results. Also try, looks like they have them in stock for a Glock original part.
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    Is she left-handed? If so the Gen4's can be reversed.
  6. Hers is the 34. and that's why I want to swap the release to a smaller profile style.
  7. Thank you for the info!