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I've heard they are really loud. THP carry these for duty weapons. I saw one at a pawn shop once. Wanted brand new pricing for it.
I think it’s subjective. I went from a .45 Glock 21 to the Glock 31 & 33 for duty and off duty police guns. The 21 had a gentle push whereas the 31 had a sharp bark but I didn’t really notice a difference compared to the .40.
I went to a shooting competition in the late 2000’s with a bunch of deputies. Evidently they noticed a significant difference in the report and recoil that they asked me what I was shooting? They were all mostly carrying Glock 22 .40’s.
I still have and winter carry the 33. I call it the pocket rocket although I don’t pocket carry.
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I added the trigger a few years back as the factory trigger caused some numbness after range sessions. The new trigger really didn’t fix the issue but it looks cool.😁
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