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Bought a gently used Glock 32 Gen 4 last week at a fair price. Never fired the .357 SIG, but I was really curious.

Holy Mother of God what a round. Read a review of the caliber a few weeks ago. One author wrote “recoil was significant”, and “muzzle flip at least as bad as the .40”.

Nonsense. I’ve carried a 23.4 for years. Sure it “flips” a bit more than 9mm, but it’s not horrible. However, the .357 SIG is awesome. What muzzle flip? Feels like a 9mm NATO +P. Nothing more. And deadly accurate. Don’t care if it costs more; I love it in the 32.

My 32.4 is now my permanent EDC, and I’ll buy another for backup. All these years of shooting and I’ve been denying myself the pleasure of the .357 SIG.

This target was shot while moving laterally and back/forth.

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Nice shooting! Congrats on the G32!
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