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  1. DoItAgain

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    I am considering a Glock 30 for a carry weapon. I would like to hear opinions on this this pistol both the 30 and the 30SF (shortl frame). I know it's thick but that is part of the price you pay for having a pistol that holds 10+1 .45 acp caliber bullets. Being thick doesn't both me at all and I'm bif enough that it will blend right in and it actually fits my hand better for a smaller pistol.

  2. The G30 is an excellant weapon, I cannot comment on the G30SF as mine was the standard G30. With that said, I sold mine to fund the purchase of a G29SF as i already have the G36 and the G21SF RTF2.

  3. RickD6023

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    The G30 is my primary carry. I added Pearce extensions to the mags for a better hold and my holster is a Crossbreed Supertuck. The gun is very comfortable to carry, conceal and shoot. It's nice to have a 45 with 10+1 on your hip and another 10 in a spare mag when walking out the door.
  4. Steelharp

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    My humble opinion; there is not a finer carry arm than the 30 SF. That 2mm cut in the frame makes a huge difference, and it is most accurate. The perfect choice.
  5. wsar10

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    The 30 is by far the best GLOCK I've owned, I love the thickness of it the most.
    I had a 21RTF as well (sold now) for the same reason, they fit my hand perfectly, The 30 is pretty much my every day CC choice. I have other GLOCKs and have sold and bought GLOCKs but the 30 always stays it was actually my first GLOCK. I have done a few things to it and its the smoothest i've ever felt, it probably has 15k rnds through it plus "trigger work":D it is an origanal CKU gun so it is one of the first from july 1997. For me the longer back strap plug and "finger extensions" are a must and I have them on all my 30 mags, I also kept a few 21 mags over the years for range shooting I have +2 extenxions on 2 of my 21 mags making the gun capable of 18rnds:D.

    this is hands down the most reliable weapon I have ever owned equal to the reliabilty of my Kalashnicov..... the only part that ever NEEDED replaced is the RSA, not becuase it lost it's integrity...but becuase peice of plastic that held it captive wore out and the spring would slip out over it but not while using the gun, so honestly the broken part could have stayed !
    But this is to be expected of a plastic recoil rod.
    My buddy's and I rolled this gun in snow, rain, and mud we did a few things from the GLOCK "torture test" and NEVER failed to feed or failed to fire.

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  6. Had one, miss it, would still be in my safe today less a trade with my brother recently for a HD shotgun. Would love to get another, best Glock IMO for carry. Second is the G27.
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  7. jonm61

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    I can't speak to the 30, but I've carried a 29SF, OWB, under just a t-shirt with no problems. With the right holster and a good belt, concealment shouldn't be an issue.
  8. fejrey616

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    G30 edc

    I carry my G30 everyday. Mostly OWB in Blackhawk SERPA. Alternate methods are Comp-Tac OWB Paddle and MTAC IWB. I had a G30SF first, but traded it for the regular model. Modifications include Stainless Steel Guide Rod, +4 recoil spring and striker spring. Added Crimson Trace Laser Grips, Ameriglo Ghost Ring Tritium sights. Pearce grip extensions on all my magazines.
  9. I absolutely love my 30. Maybe the most accurate Glock I have.

    Excellent size for CC. Excellent stopping power.

    Best of luck.

  10. squidjuice

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    I carry a glock 27 for my cw and love it but my buddy has a glock 30 cw and says he would have no other. Both guns are very accurate though. Best of luck!!
  11. The Boar Buster

    The Boar Buster New Member

    Greetings everyone. I am new to this forum but I am an old glocker. I just traded two of my older glocks in and got a brand new 30sf. This is by far the best shooting glock I have owned. I have only had my 30 for 2 days and I have put 350 rds through it and it is one smooth and accurate pistol. I plan on getting another one to carry in my truck. If you are looking for a holster you might want to look at this guy.
  12. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    Ive been carrying a g30 for awhile now, non slim fame. Ya its a lil bulky for a subcompact but being a .45 n having that 10+1 with options of an extended mags is awsome. Its been my main carry after carrying a g23 and a g27. But that my prefernce, everyones is different...
  13. harleybass47

    harleybass47 New Member

    I carry a G27 w/3.5 lb trigger and spring kit(Wolf) In a OWB Black Hills holster.
  14. Euromax

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    Yep-I got G30 ever 9years - I never will sell! Did mods on grip,made small beavertail,and change color w/rubber coating on grip. Also shaver back of the grip! Fix perfect in one hand! Love that!
  15. CDR_Glock

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    Not a short frame. It's a slim frame. Slim by 3mm?

    I have the 36 and 30.

    Get what feels right to you.
  16. Steelharp

    Steelharp New Member

    Glock's catalog says "Short Frame."
  17. jfirecops

    jfirecops New Member

    It is called the "g30 short frame" by Glock. The only difference is the grip is 3mm smaller for people that did not like the feel of the larger ones.
  18. CDR_Glock

    CDR_Glock Well-Known Member

    Wow! Thanks for the clarification. You guys are awesome.

    The SF wasn't my style. I had the G21 and I have the G30. I like the thickness....
  19. jfirecops

    jfirecops New Member

    My wife is the same, she loves the fat 21 with her long slender fingers but I have short fat hands so I enjoy the SF, all about what works for you. That is why Glock gives us choices.
  20. iRockGlock

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    The only bad experience I've had with a Glock 30 is that the mag springs are so tight that I was only able to fit 9rounds. Never broke in either.