Glock 30 SF or Glock 36?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by davemanz71, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. davemanz71

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    I have several glocks. I'm wanting to step up to a .45 ACP. I do want to be able to conceal. Can anyone help out???
  2. Go to a range where you can rent them: shoot them both.

    The 36 is slimmer, therefore different ergonomics. Thinner means much better concealment, but many people carry the 30 just fine.

    Last question is # of rounds. 30 not only has more rounds but the magwell is compatible with full sized G21 mags (13 rounds without extensions, goes up from there).

    No other mags will work with a 36.

    Good luck. I own a 30, but haven't gotten my CHL yet (in the next few months), so I couldn't tell you my experience in carrying it.

  3. Oddball Gunner

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    Personally, I went with the G30SF. I like having 10+1 with the option of using G21 mags for 13+1. I also have no problems concealing it.

    G36 is slimmer than the 30 and you could always add +1 or +2 mag extensions.

    They both have their fans and purposes. Eventually, I will probably get a 36 myself.....soooo many Glocks, not enough money. *sigh*
  4. davemanz71

    davemanz71 New Member

  5. Kmurray96

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    Bought the G36 before I noticed the G30SF. Go with a G30SF.
  6. davemanz71

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    What's the MSRP on the 30SF? And how much slimmer is the 36 vs the 30?
  7. Kmurray96

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    The G36 is just a tad slimmer side to side. The G30SF has less mass on the backstrap.

    Glock prices may vary site to site, but has them both listed for $547
  8. SHOOTER13

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  9. davemanz71

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    Thanks alot guys. Its gonna be the 30 sf. Price is $549 and in stock at my dealer. I really enjoy my 27 gen 4. Might swap em out once in awhile.
  10. Once you add FFL fees, VERY few online stores offer a deal. Should be able to find a G30 for around $530-$570 at a good LGS and definitely at a gun show.

    The cheapest I found a new g30 was 528 at a gunshow in Houston. 30sf's were also available but I didnt track the prices because I have big hands and didn't want the SF.
  11. iGlock

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    I carry a g30 non sf daliy, its very easliy concealable. Somtimes ill carry the 13+1 mag as the main one.
  12. evsnova74

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    Does anyone know if you can convert the 36 to 10mm? I hope this isn't considered a thread-jack, I'm going through the same thing right now and I love that my 23 can shoot 9mm, .40 and .357. I'd really like it if my .45 could also shoot 10mm. Heck for that matter, can the 30 even be converted to 10mm?
  13. Simple check of technical data on the Glock website shows the 36 (28.5) is 4mm thinner than the 30 (32.5), all other physical dimensions are the same (except grip size, between the 30, 30SF and 36 I couldn't find anything).

    (the 30 and 30SF have the same general physical dimensions)

    Additionally, the sight radius on the 36 is 6mm longer, and that's a good thing too, however minuscule.
  14. The 21 and 30/30SF can be converted to 10mm, but not the 36, unless you make your own parts.

    The 29 and 30 frame are identical, so are the 20 and 21.

    Either get a new 10mm slide or a conversion barrel. The barrel sellers say no extractor changes are necessary, but I talked to KKM about their barrel and they said it might work fine, but they recommend the modification.

    If you get a new 10mm slide, you can just replace the .45 slide, no modifications needed but does cost more.

    Regardless of approach the use of 10mm magazines is mandatory.
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