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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Claytonian, May 17, 2012.

  1. Claytonian

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    Is there a huge difference between the Glock 27 and the Glock Gen4 27?
  2. Welcome to the forum clay. go on over to introduce yourself section and post there so you can get a welcome to the forum lol. back to your question no there isnt a big difference, other than it has a different finish on the grip of the gun. its like a speckle on my G23 Gen 4. if im wrong someone will tell me lol

  3. Yeah, the Gen 3's have a rough texture on the grips. I have a G26G4 and I put Talon grips on mine cause I prefer the rough texture of the Gen 3's over the Gen 4's, but the ergonomics of the grip of the Gen 4 fits my hand better than the Gen 3, which is one of the other changes of the Gen 4 over the Gen 3. I think they also improved the recoil spring in the Gen 4's.
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    Welcome to the Forum! I hope you enjoy yourself here.
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    The gen 4 has the adjustable back strap, mag release is ambi. Texture, and recoil spring are the differences. Hope this helps.
  6. twag4

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    There is no difference in the recoil spring assembly on the Gen4 G27 or G26, they are still the same as the Gen 3 guns. The adjustable backstrap and the grip texture are the only differences.
  7. mikecu

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    The Gen 4's distance from the back of the grip to the trigger is about 2 mm less than the Gen 3's.
    I recently replaced my Gen 3 with a 4 mainly because of this reason. It fits my hand better when I don't use a back strap.
    As Twag4 said, the recoil springs were the same.
  8. Glockmaster

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    The Gen 4's are an SF WHEN NO BACK STRAP IS USED.
  9. bfish

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    If you're asking this for a purchase reason the things stated above are true. Keep in mind for the 30 more $ you spend that you also get an extra mag so its almost a push. Just a thought
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    The grip texture is way better and u get interchangeable backstraps, the mag release has a wider button, and its ambidextrous. If you're left handed, or want a smaller grip, gen 4 is great
  11. Same type of spring (being the dual spring) but the Gen 4 one is a bit different
  12. mikecu

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    Are the 3rd generation Glocks still being manufactured?
  13. downloadman187

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    Definitely. I bought one factory new in the box in January of this year. Test fire envelope in the box said it was fired in the factory 5-26-11. I also read an article some where that said glock has no plans of halting production of gen 3 weapons.
  14. twag4

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    On the 26 and 27 there is no difference between gen 3 and 4. I have both. Even glock says so. I had a problem with gen4 26 spring and their tech department gave me the info. They are now making them with little cutouts on the larger outer rod, but the spring rates are the same. They are using this same rod in their new production 3 26 and 27 as well. Simply a redesign that has nothing to do with generation. The gen 4 26 was made in Feb 2012 and came with a spring identical to the spring in my 1999 gen3 27(that I replaced with a spring I bought in march 2009)
  15. Dark Knight

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    Gen 3 still being made that's all you can buy in ca unless your le
  16. I'm confused by this? A friend in LA just bought a brand new Gen 4 27 and he is not LEO in any way.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    I think its called an SSE (single shot exception) where the Gunstore converts it to single shot so they can sell it to you, and you convert it back after you buy it… thats what I read on another thread...
  18. Dark Knight

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    From what I have heard that is correct they do the same with the new xd's that are not on the ca approved list
  19. Dunno, I called him just now and he said it's semi auto not single. Said he took it to the range and it shoots like his gen3. CA is gay that we even need to discuss this lol