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Glock 27 groupings

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What is your best grouping with a 27? I can't seem to get it to shoot a tight group like I can with my 19. I know it's probably because of the snap of a .40 in a small sized gun, but I'm just wondering how well others do with it.
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I'm still not very good with my Glocks, at 17 feet I can get all shots within 8 inches without using the trigger reset, and within 4 inches while using the trigger reset. All shots centered too, luckily I changed my grip and trigger pull enough so that the pattern isn't off-center in any way.
I shoot my 27 nearly as well as my 22 out to about 15 yards...the only factor they really makes a difference between the two guns is the sight radius...I hold about a 4 in group out to 15 yards with both pistols...
Maybe I jut need more practice with it. My groupings (of u wanna call it that) are all over the paper
It may be trigger control or recoil anticipation issues.
Tight center is from 15, wider shots are from 30 along with head shots.


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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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