Glock 27 gen 4 question?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by ardakota, Feb 18, 2012.

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    First off I am new here from Arkansas. I picked up a used glock 27 gen 4 that a cop had he didnt shoot it much at all the gun was scratch free clean and still had the copper grease in it like the new ones he just never shot it. Anyhow I go run 50 rounds out of it this evening before the rain and I went to pick up the brass and 2/3 of them were scratched and bent on the ends. I had a glock 36 and dont remember it doing that is it something i should worry about or will it get better after the gun breaks in? thanks Dave
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum ardakota !!

    Got pics of the bent / scratched brass ?!

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    I've also recently purchased a gen4 27. I've noticed the same thing after picking up my brass.
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    What's the number stamped on the ejector, is it 1882 or 28926? The 1882 ejector is the old ejector, 28926 is the new ejector and it will help fix this problem. If yours has the old 1882 ejector, you can find a local Glock Armorer to order and install the new 28926 ejector for you. Or you could call Glock, describe the problem and ask for the new ejector. They'll tell you to find a local Armorer, if you don't have one near you who can do it, tell them that and ask for a prepaid shipping label to send it back to them and have them install it.

    If it already has the new 28926 ejector, try replacing the extractor.

    My Gen3 G27 was doing the same thing, the 28926 ejector and a new extractor fixed it. The same problem exists in recent production 9mm models, with the same fix, the new 9mm 30274 ejector and possibly a new extractor. There's nothing wrong with the old ejectors, the new ejectors change the ejection angle enough to fix another problem.

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    I had a photo ready to go but the one that was posted was exactly what my cases looked like. thanks I will have to look into the ejector and see what i have
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    It has 1882 stamped on it and i noticed alot of brass residue at the bottom of the opening in the slide where the cases are ejected.