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    I was ready to pull the trigger on a 26 until I found out about conversion barrels. You can get a 27, buy a conversion barrel to a 9mm making it a 26. I figured great...2 in 1 is better than 1. I have heard the 27 is great and I've heard it's very uncomfortable to shoot due to being 40 s&w and being small. I can't try it then buy it due to my states laws.

    Glock told me not to shoot 9mm with a conversion barrel with the 27. I'd have to swap out parts like the firing pin etc. I don't know if that's what they have to say for legal reasons or it that is really the case. If that's the case I won't get the 27 and get the 26 instead. I wanted the 26 because it will be cheaper at the range to shoot 9mm. With the 27 and conversion barrel I figured plink 9mm and carry a better .40 round but now I'm not sure what to do.

    All I have now I s the 43 and a 30. I don't shoot the 30 as much because .45 is costly and the 43 isn't much of a range toy. I was just looking for some words of wisdom to finalize my pick. Anyone else use the conversion barrel only and have any issues or change the other parts to do so? Thanks for listening and any advise is appreciated.
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    I've used a LWD 40-9 conversion barrel in my G27.3 for over ten years and 50,000 rounds by simply changing the barrel and using 9mm magazines. :thumbsup:

    Some shooters choose to change the extractor and/or ejector as well, but I've not found it not necessary to do so. ;)

    A G27 with a 40-9 conversion barrel and 9mm magazines would be my choice. :D

    Best regards,

    Bob :)
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  3. GlockGuide

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    My normal advice is to buy the gun in the caliber you plan to carry. If you're going to carry a 9mm then just buy the 26. If you're going to carry the .40 then buy the 27.

    Reason being, you can do a conversion and end up reliable like rbeers (which has become more common in the last few years) or have an issue and end up chasing parts trying to get it consistent.

    If you want to carry .40 and just shoot 9mm for cost, go the route rbeers did. Chances are good you'll never have to do anything else.
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    I have a Stormlake conversion barrel for my G23.4 and G27.4. All is needed is the barrel and mag. I chose to swap out the G23's ejector, cause the ejected brass was not anyway near to my standard. The G27 ejection pattern does not bother me, however I rarely shoot enough 9mm's for it to get on my nerve.

    I have heard others say that a hotter or heavier round cured the erratic ejection, I also have heard that a weaker RSA does the same thing just a different route. Hell, I even heard that a NEW RSA solved the problem on a USED gun.. I also heard that there is NO difference in swapping parts.

    The nice part about it since you can't "try and buy" as you mentioned. You can change your G27 to basically a G26 if needed with minimum cost to you once you have purchased your barrel and mags. A Ejector with housing cost about 7 bucks at Brownells after their automatic savings. A Extractor and Bushing will cost you 20.50 with free shipping if purchased together from

    Have fun!:)
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    Same here. Only change barrel and mags. Sometimes have the strange ejection pattern but I really can't think of one malfunction over the last few years.

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    Glock doing a CYA, as you can see, no worries.

    Whether you change other parts is just your preference on dealing with occasional anomalies on ejection or what not.

    That said, dealing with an occassional jam or brass to the head is good practice!

    Also, don't forget you can also get the 357 Sig Glock OEM barrel and shoot the same round as the Secret Service. Some say they shoot the 357 Sig better than the 40 cal. No change to anything other than the barrel and it's a "Glock approved" conversion. The 357 Sig uses basically a 40 cal case necked down to a 9mm bullet ... it's a flat shooting rocket round!

    If you look around, you may be able to score one used, from the 40 cal owners that bought one and sold their 40 gun, and now selling the 357 Sig separately.

    FWIW I have Lone Wolf conversion barrel and it's worked fine for me. I did have some failures to extract initially, but they said to run a box of +P thru it and sure enuf it worked fine after that.
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    If you want to carry 9mm as edc get the 26. I bought the 27 because I couldn't find a 33. So I made my 27 a .357 Sig with a 33 oem barrel in my 27. Lots have success with the 27 to 9mm conversion. IMHO, I wouldn't trust my life to it. My 2 cents.
  8. rbbeers

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    Please DO NOT replace the 40 cal (G27) firing pin with a 9mm (G26) firing pin. no no

    Relative to the 9mm firing pin, the 40 cal firing pin has a shorter safety stop cutout because the firing pin safety plunger in the 40 cal slide is slightly more forward than the firing pin safety plunger in the 9mm slide.

    In other words, a 40 cal firing pin in a 9mm slide is safe because the safety (being more rearward) would stop the firing pin (with the shorter cutout) 'farther away' from the primer.

    However, a 9mm firing pin in a 40 cal slide may NOT be safe because the safety (being more forward) may not stop the firing pin (with the longer cutout) from impacting the primer.

    Just sayin'... ;)

    Best regards,

    Bob :)
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  9. Its good to have choices, and versatility. I have a G27 and a G22 that I dropped 9mm conversion barrels in. With both I went from a so-so .40 shooter to a pretty decent 9mm shooter.
    Another good thing is I basically have 4 guns and for the price of 2 and a half, and can go back and forth in about 20 seconds. Having multiple calibers also keeps you shooting in case of an ammo run like a few years back when all I could find was .40 for a while.
    As far as carrying a conversion, I do it every day in my G27. I have over 500 rounds without a malfunction, and the bullet goes where I aim, with quicker follow ups. What else could I ask for. YMMV.
    Good luck with whatever you decide.
    Have fun and be safe.
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  10. Garrett

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    I own a 32c and bought a lone wolf 40 cal and 9mm barrel. All three function great and it's nice having one gun that can shoot 3 calibers. I've never heard of having to change out the firing pin for a drop in barrel.
  11. g30shooter

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    I have a G27.4 that I just bought a KKM .40-9mm conversion barrel for. I did so for the flexibility it provides me (2 calibers/1 gun). I took it to the range this last Friday and put 200 115 gr FMJ Winchester White Box 9mm through it. Flawless and accurate. You will see You Tube videos claiming that you can use .40 mags loaded with 9mm. I fact checked this, and while I found that it can be done (say in an extreme emergency) the gun does not function reliable when you do. In 10 rounds I got one FtF and 1 FtE. I would never do it as a rule. But with an OEM 12 round 9mm magazine, the gun was simply awesome. I changed no other externals. I would be confident carrying the gun in a converted configuration. My 16 yo daughter also shot it and since she is a relatively inexperienced shooter had a much higher probability of causing a shooter induced failure; meaning her grip isn't as firm as mine. Not a glitch.

    Just some info for you to keep in mind as your making your decision. Oh, KKM Precision is an American company with impeccable customer service. I am now making plans to buy another KKM conversion barrel for my 23.3; that should tell you something.
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    Thank you all for the information,
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  13. Dark Knight

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    I went with lone wolf for mine as I got a great deal on it years ago . No issues with it so far