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  1. After much consideration I decided to part ways with the 26. My comfort level with subcompact has always been a love and hate relationship. My Glock 19s have been my personal CCW and I couldn't justify keeping the 26 after my Smith 9mm shield purchase.
  2. I've not shot a shield, but was wondering if you can give a quick review as it compares to the 26. Thanks!

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    Armondo, If you are looking to sell the G26, might I suggest the classifieds on here. Its a great way to get it out there, get what you are asking , and best of all it'll be posted to your target audience- a bunch of Glock Addicts :D
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    I have a G26 and shot my buddy's 9mm Shield. IMHO the Shields trigger reset is nice. But to me, not as Glock. This is heavily debated on the www regarding comparisons with Glock but the buzz did S&W good and finding one in Phoenix was hard when first released. If I didn't already have my g26 I'd contemplate one.
  5. Well did sell the Glock 26 and ordered a Baby Eagle 2 full size 9mm keep you posted.

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    The shield is sick as hell. I've never fired a 26 but the shield has such a small amount of jump given its size. I love how it feels in my hand. My 19 conceals well though so I won't be trading for it. But its nice to have one in the house if I ever need a super small pistol.
  7. Ergonomics on the Shield are very friendly, nice sight picture, very slim almost to slim for my hands, but conceals very nicely. Trigger is average, I had heard if would be more refined to keep from adding the Apex trigger kit to it. But I still think its spongy. Glock wins on trigger hands down.
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    Can you post a pic of the sight picture?
  9. Sure first thing in the morning
  10. Mikecu sorry new job has kept me busy ill take pics tonight, thanks for the patience.