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GLOCK 26 w/ Target

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This is a photo of a 94-round group that I shot with my Glock 26 from a distance of about 20 feet. With the exception of that stray at the top, I feel pretty good about the results.
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Well done sir !!
Ehh it's alright ;)
Damn good man cheers!
I've seen better. J/k. Nicely done.
Nice. Just bought a 26. I hope to have it by the end of the month.
That "stray" was probably in his grille....:eek:
That's some good shooting, I also like to shoot at Doug's .
I'm better w/my G26 somehow than my G19 but nowhere near that good. Nice shooting man.
Nice you taught that paper a HOLE lesson.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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