Glock 26 vs Kahr PM9

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by BangBangBahamian, Jun 20, 2012.

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    I have the G26... my friend has the CM9 which is a less refined PM9.

    The Kahr is thinner and easier to conceal.

    The Glock is heavier but recoils much less.

    The Kahr looks weird with +1 mag.

    The Glock looks like a short barrel G19 when you use +2 mag.

    The Kahr has long, smooth trigger pull.

    Glock has 2 stage Glock trigger pull and therefore much shorter reset.

    Both are dependable. Both have decent sights.

    Kahr comes in different finishes.

    Glock has more readily available accessories and compatability with bigger sibblings.

    You can throw in a 33 round mag into G26.

    Glock feels nicer to hold to me. Ultimately you have to decide what you want it for most.

    Comfort and concealability probably the Kahr.

    Better feel in hand and while shooting yet still concealable... Glock.

    If you can shoot both before you buy, that would help you a lot, I like the Glock better as a gun but it isn't as easy to conceal as the Kahr.

    The Kahr isn't bad as a gun but doesn't feel as solid while holding or shooting.

    Decisions, decisions... If you do get the Glock, and you don't like it... you can sell it to one of us. :)

    Oh, P.S. Kahr magazines have a gap between floor plate and grip about the thickness of a quarter when inside weapon and thus have a little play. This play did not cause weapon to jam but did pinch pinky occasionally while shooting. Not painfully but annoyingly.

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    chief203, thanks 4 taking the time to write such a well informed & thorough response.
  4. chief203

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    My pleasure. Happy shooting either way. :)
  5. Danzig

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    Nice to see a fair comparison without bashing one or the other. Thank you.
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    I have a Kahr pm9 and it works for what I need it for. Which is front pocket carry. If my G-27, which is same size as G-26 fit in my front pocket, I probably would not have the pm9. I must say for a guy who usually only trusts his life to a Glock, the Kahr Pm9 has really impressed me. I would not choose it over a Glock, unless special circumstances or needs like carry preference come into play. I also only carry my Kahr as a b.u.g. to one of my Glocks. If I had to choose Kahr cm/pm or Glock 26. I would stick with more
    rounds, proven reliable out of the box gun that Glock provides. I also agree with one of the previous posts, the extended clip just looks funny.
  7. chief203

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    One more thing. Neither Kahr nor Glock have a manual safety or a magazine disconnect safety. Both are ready to go at all times.
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    I know someone who had the Kahr and as soon as he shot my Glock he got rid of the Kahr and bought a Glock. I don't think there is any comparison, but that's just my opinion. I didn't care for the Kahr personally.
  9. Lucian_253

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    The new Kahr's have an optional external safety.
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    My bro had the Kahr PM, lots of problems. Turns out if you are not super careful on reassembly after field strip you can screw up some spring (slide stop I think it was) and you end up with a mess of FTF.
  11. Lucian_253

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    Spring can go in both ways, but only works one of the ways. So if you put in backwards, well you know what happens.
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    G26 holds 10 - Kahr holds 6
  13. mikecu

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    For carrying IWB, that PM-9 is awesome.

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