Glock 26 holster?

Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by ndaholic, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. ndaholic

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    I just got a Gen 4 now I need the perfect holster. Don't want to spend a ton so between $40-$50.
  2. SHOOTER13

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    Plenty of member vendors here on the forum...

    Defensive Holsters
    Trotac Premium Gear
    FoxX Holsters

  3. Are you wanting IWB or OWB? We can hook you up!;)
  4. Thundernick

    Thundernick New Member

    I have a crossbreed but foxx is very similar.. go with foxx if you wanna save money
  5. ndaholic

    ndaholic New Member

    I want an IWB for concealment.
  6. try this one...

    hehe, Im playing... there are quite a few options. I currently have a few IWB holsters but havent really found the ONE yet.

    My next try is a MIC holster. but the one I like the best from what I have is a simple Barsony IWB. I love the kydex foxx and Cross breeds though. Just havent pulled the trigger on one yet (pun intended)
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  7. SHOOTER13

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    Is Tommy a member of this Forum, and/or are you his authorized representative or just a satisfied customer?

    Advertising or promoting businesses other than Authorized Vendors is not allowed, especially for custom work.
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  9. I'm scratching my head on this one.:confused:

    That would mean anytime anyone suggested a product, business and/or supplied a link to any given product or business that they would be breaking the rules?:confused:
  10. soufhernriders

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    I've got a g27 and use iwb comptac infidel, it's a kydex , reason I like it is I'm a big guy last few holsters I've had don't keep their forms so a bit of an issue when registering . With this one it slides right in I don't even have to look down.
  11. CCSir

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    You may want to Google Don Hume IWB holsters for the G26. I got mine for $39.00 shipped. Great quality for an affordable holster.