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    I purchased my first glock and I love it. I am confused on which kind of ammo to purchase. Everyone has an opinion and I am not sure which direction to go. I am about performance and quality. Any suggestions on what brand and a good place to purchase. Thank you for any input.
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    First of all, WELCOME, Mallen65!

    Now that that's out of the way....if this is a brand new pistol, you need to break it in properly. Like, say 200-500 rounds (others will have different opinions, this is mine and only mine). This is a necessary step with all firearms fresh from the manufacturer.

    Then, I would recommend you buy several boxes of ammo each of the different brands and weights and types that are available where you live, and shoot them all (not necessarily in one go). What you are looking for is how the different ammo brands and types (bullet weights and bullet shapes) impact your accuracy. Keep a notepad in your gun case, and write down your impressions each time you shoot. This will tell you what ammo works best with your pistol and your shooting style for both blowoff (range ammo) and defensive. For defensive ammo, also try shooting at things like a watermelon (my local Krogers gives them away when they get mushy and otherwise "inedible") behind a sheet of plywood or a paperback novel or a phone book, just to see how much (or how little) the target is shattered by the expanding bullet.


    Types of defensive ammo (hollow points and their ilk) each bring different features to the table. What you are looking for is a round that will penetrate several layers of clothing, then the body of your attacker, deliver all it's energy in the assailant, and not overpenetrate. As you may imagine, if you live in cold climes and people layer their clothing, a frangible all-copper bullet may not have the same effect on the target as it would if the target was only wearing a t-shirt or t-shirt+hoodie.

    I reload my ammo, so I cannot comment with authority on factory ammo. Sorry.

    Perhaps if you clarify what you mean by "performance and quality", we can be more helpful.

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Mallen65 !!

    As HappySniper1 pointed out, there are plenty of good 9mm loads to chose from for self defense

    ...and half the fun is buying a few different boxes and seeing first hand what your Glock hits with POA/POI.
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    No. That happens after I put a whole magazine of rounds downrange in less than 3 seconds and still stay in the lethal hit zone.

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    Haha that's funny stuff
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    Looks like the OP has not logged back in, or has not responded to posts to his/her thread.

    Anyway, when you get back, Mallen65, this is for you:

    Go to your local Walmart and buy a box each of FMJ ammo (full metal jacket, aka "ball") for range testing. Walmart almost always carries Remington and Winchester white box. These are normally sold in boxes of 50 rounds each.

    Then get a box each of any other brand they got, as long as it is jacketted ammo. You may want to get a box of each brand of JHP (jacketted hollow point, or defensinve ammo). You may find that these are only sold in boxes of 20 rounds each, and will cost more.

    Then try to visit a couple of dedicated sporting-goods or gun stores in your area. Don't buy ammo you already own, but basically follow the same plan on what to buy.

    You will find this is going to cost a bit, that's OK. Look at it this way: your life is worth it, and is worth the investement in learning what works best for you to save your life. Think of it as tuition. A one-time expense.

    Then, go to the range, with a variety of targets. Shoot slowly, taking your time. As much as possible, make sure you are always aiming at the same spot (POA or Point of Aim), then make notes on where the holes appear (POI or Point of Impact). If shooting watermelons or phone books, etc., also make notes on what the target looked like after a direct hit to the center, a glancing hit, etc. Also make notes on things like was there a cloud of smoke after the shot, did it hurt you hand to shoot it, was it louder than other kinds of ammo, and so on. Also look at the spent brass (the ejected cases) they look clean or coated in black carbonized residue. Cleaner-looking brass means this ammo is (generally) cleaner to shoot in your Glock, meaning less crud left behind in your gun that you need to now clean out. Write everything down.

    When you get home, review your notes. You may find your answers right there. This will usually suffice for the casual shooter wanting to take personal responsibility for his own (or her own) protection.

    It is possible, and many do, take this a step further, and try the more expensive defensive ammo. By all means, try this at least once. Remember: it is your own life you are protecting, and it is well worth the expense in research to find out what works best for you and your gun.

    It may also help if you have someone already familiar with handguns to go out shooting with you, this provides a second opinion, but in the end it is your decision alone.

    Some tips I follow (and these apply to me and may not apply to anyone else, but I share them just the same):
    1. I NEVER shoot bare lead ammo thru my Glock. It affects the barrel, and invalidates the warranty.
    2. I stay away from ammo in steel or varnished steel cases (Wolf, Tula, and so on). I do not like the hardness of the steel eventually chewing up my extractor claw, and I absolutely hate the vaporized varnish contaminating my Glock.
    3. I avoid aluminum-cased ammo (Blazer) because I cannot reuse the cases and they become trash.

    I hope this helps.
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  9. Webphisher

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    Ive tossed over 1k of Federal rounds from Walmart, no problems yet. Well one FTF but out of over 1000 bullets I can't complain.
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    Have heard of ammo problems with Glock 26 Gen 4

    I went to WalMart to buy some Winchester 9mm, 115 grain. The clerk said there have been problems with that grain ammo for the Glock 26 Gen 4. Misfires and jamming. So I called Glock and they confirmed that, and said they use 124 grain at the factory.
    So my question is where is the best place to buy 124 grain ammo for my new Glock 26 Gen 4?
    And, has anyone else had that problem?
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    No. I shoot 115 grain all the time and have never had an issue. The Glocks will generally shoot any factory loads I've purchased. You will occasionally find a shell or so that have bad primers, but haven't experienced issues with 115 grain ammo. Also, I'm not sure where you encountered your Walmart clerk, but this has to be a first in the Universe of getting reliable information from someone in sporting goods at a Walmart. They usually can't find the keys for the case and if you inquire if they specifically have something, the usual response is we have what's in the case.
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    No. I haven't had that problem.
    I heard around that Winchester has issues with the WWB, but I have shot a lot of them through my G26s, G19 and G17 without any issue.

    I have shot other 115gr from other brands without any issue.
    Glocks shoot anything! :)
  13. Absolutey not! I've got over 1,700 rounds thru my G26 Gen 4 and she'll eat any ammo I feed her! I've shot WWB, Federal, UMC, PMC, Blazer and even Tula and no issues at all other than the occasional FTFR. No FTFE or FTE. Dont listen to the Walmart jack wagons behind the counter! They'll be selling you ammo today and 12 pack of beer the next! Any factory jacketed 115 gr. round will run thru your G26 as fast as you can feed it! No need to worry! Just load up and shoot! Be safe and have fun!
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    Thank you all for responding. Will start buying my practice ammo now.
    BTW, the WalMart guy was pretty knowledgeable which is why I called Glock. When they confirmed what the clerk had said I knew I had to check with you all.
    Of course now I'll have to use an indoor range, but practice is practice!
    Will be interesting to see how much I remember from my Army days with the 9 mil! Fired expert then.
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    115gr is really the go to all around ammo for 9mm, great for range days an just throwing rounds down range.. I always buy 115gr for target shooting and it always work through my 19 an gen4 g26. I use Winchester 115gr white box 100 round value box. For self defense either 124gr or 147gr federal HST, or Speer gold dots