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Glock 25 & 28 and Sales in The USA

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I emailed Glock about a possible G25 purchase and got the following info today.

"This pistol and the G25 is only available to Law Enforcement Agencies, paid with public monies. It is not available to individual officers.

I am including the law for your information..

.380 ACP

The .380 ACP models are primarily intended for markets which prohibit civilian ownership of firearms chambered in military calibers such as 9x19mm Parabellum. They are not offered in the United States, due to the characteristics of the gun making it unable to pass import restrictions.[55]

II. Firearms Laws

G. Federal Firearms Laws

6. The Points Systems of GCA '68

by Larry Cipriani ([email protected])
---------------------------------------------------------------------- Factoring Criteria for Weapons Note: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms reserves the rightto preclude importation of any revolver or pistol which achieves anapparent qualifying score but does not adhere to the provisions ofsection 925(d)(3) of Amended Chapter 44, Title 18, USC. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PISTOL Prerequisites 1. The pistol must have a positive manually operated safety device.2. The combined length and height must not be less than 10" with the height (right angle measurement to barrel without magazine or extension) being at least 4" and the length being at least 6". Individual Characteristics Point value Overall Length For each 1/4" over 6" 1 pt Frame Construction Investment case or forged steel 15 Investment case or forged HTS alloy 20 Weapon Weight w/Magazine (unloaded) Per ounce 1 Caliber .22 short and .25 auto 0 .22 LR and 7.65mm to .380 auto 3 9mm parabellum and over 10 Safety Features Locked breech mechanism 5 Loaded Chamber Indicator 5 Grip Safety 3 Magazine Safety 5 Firing Pin Block or Lock 10 Miscellaneous Equipment External Hammer 2 Double Action 10 Drift Adjustable Target Sight 5 Click Adjustable Target Sight 10 Target Grips 5 Target Trigger 2 Qualifying score is 75 points ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Revolver Prerequisites 1. Must pass safety test.2. Must have overall frame (with conventional grips) length (not diagonal) of 4 1/2" minimum.3. Must have a barrel length of at least 3" Individual Characteristics Barrel Length (Muzzle to Cylinder Face) Less than 4" 0 For each 1/4" over 4" 1/2 Frame Construction Investment Cast or Forged Steel 15 Investment Cast or Forged HTS Alloy 20 Weapon Weight (Unloaded) Per ounce 1 Caliber .22 short to .25 acp 0 .22 LR and .30 to .38 S&W 3 .38 Special 4 .357 mag and over 5 Miscellaneous Equipment Adjustable Target Sights 5 (drift or click) Target Grips 5 Target Hammer and Target Trigger 5 Safety Test A Double Action Revolver must have a safety feature which automatically(or in a Single Action Revolver by manual operation) causes the hammer toretract to a point where the firing pin does not rest upon the primer ofthe cartridge. The safety device must withstand the impact of a weightequal to the weight of the revolver dropping from a distance of 36" in aline parallel to the barrel upon the rear of the hammer supr, a total of5 times. Qualifying score is 45 points. ATF FORM 4590 (7570.5) (10-77) Edition of 5/74 may be used-- Larry Cipriani -- [email protected]
Best regards."
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My wife has shot guns ranging from .22LR to Desert Eagle .50.... She prefers the .380s. The springs usually easier for her to manipulate and she's just more comfortable shooting one. Although, she can handle a 9mm fine and enjoys the Nano. I'm sure she'd love shooting a 19 as well.

A 9mm to .380 conversion would be interesting...
My wife is an avid shooter and shoots guns all the way up to my s&w 500. She's 5'1" and maybe 109lbs with wet hair and she prefers 9mm of all calibers.
so, uh– anybody got any thoughts about this "glock25/28 not available for civilian sales" thing?
so, uh– anybody got any thoughts about this "glock25/28 not available for civilian sales" thing?
It's stupid. ATF rules and regulations blah blah blah blah blah
if they actually do start manufacturing in georgia, then the import "points" nonsense goes away, right?
mbrd said:
if they actually do start manufacturing in georgia, then the import "points" nonsense goes away, right?
It should. The only thing is, with all the demand for the regular line, a run of the .380's isn't seen as a priority. We'll see if they get caught up maybe.
GAgal said:
Really? I guess me shooting a G20 isn't a good idea after all then. :p
Ugh it erks me when people automatically assume women can't handle anything more than a .380.
My Nanna used to carry a .454 Casull in her bra. Nevertheless, Glock is missing out on a great marketing opportunity to collectors who wish to own one of each caliber, even if it is a special edition.
I don't think the 380 is a bad caliber, but I had some trouble finding it before the ammo problems started.

Since I came across my 26, the kel tec 380 just collects dust.

Maybe I'll get it out for summer use with light clothing, but otherwise, it's at least 9mm for me.

To each his own. Shoot what you can hit with!
My mother is 5 foot nothing and weighs 125 pounds soaking wet. My daughter is 5 foot 9 and weighs 145 pounds. If I could a gun in their hands that holds 10 or 15 rounds that shoots like a normal gun, you bet your rear I would. Not everyone can handle a 9mm or 40 cal, and considering the defensive loads available for these guns, I would by one in a New York minute for my mother and daughter. I realize you can get a LCP type gun chambered in these rounds, but they shoot like a cheap toy and don't have the capacity of a Glock.
I just got a RUGER Security 380. 300.00 brand new. Thought I was going to get a piece of junk. It is a really nice gun. 15 + 1 and a 10 round mag. Great compact size and a really flat shooter. Worth a look.
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