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    Hi and thanks for the invites!! I have a Glock 22 gen 3 added the mag release extension as well as the slide lock extension. Installed the Pierce mag grip but still have the gaping hole in the bottom of the grip in the back. Will a magwell solve this proplem?
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    Not sure the answer to your question, as I like having the hole there since it's part of the design. but i'm sure someone will be along shortly who has experience and can steer you in the right direction.

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    If I read your question right, I think you need a grip plug. Is what you want?
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    The hole at the back of the magwell is part of the design. It is used to make certain kinds of reloads easier and also filters out debris (powder, dust, etc) from the firearm. A lot of people use an aftermarket grip plug to cover it. I have some with and without.
  6. Welcome to the forum Floridasportfisher!!! Hope you enjoy your stay!!!!
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