Glock 23 to 9 mm conversion

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Sam78, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. Sam78

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    I was wondering if I converted my Gen 4 Glock 23 to 9 mm would it be as reliable as being the stock .40 S&W, i.e. can I trust my life on it or would it be good only for target practice? Also which company makes the best conversion kits for Glocks?
  2. PanFried

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    I'm glad you asked this question bc i would like a conversion barrel for my G23 to cut ammo cost at the range. Curious to see what answer the forum has..... :)

  3. PanFried

    PanFried New Member

    So take a look at the Lone Wolf site. After reading there disclaimer i may just keep shooting .40 rnds until i can but a 9mm.
  4. dwcfastrice

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    That disclaimer also almost put me off of buying one.
    I figure The disclaimer is there for several reasons:

    1. The chamber support on the LWD barrel is tighter than the stock barrel. As they state, a 100 or so rounds of +p ammo to help break in the barrel will help seat the barrel And loosen it up a bit. There's a few pics on google showing the comparison of chamber support.

    2. Some folks experience eratic extraction or ejection. Remember, you're only changing a barrel. The other parts are still designed for a .40 shell casing. That being said, I have not had an extraction or ejection issue with stock gen 4 g23 parts. I have over 2000 rounds through the LWD 40/9 barrel with the exception of 5 FTE with TUL steel case ammo.

    3. Disclaimers are there for legal reasons, as well. companies don't want to be inundated with the same question over and over and they done want to be sued. Personally,
    I liked the disclaimer. It let me know what I was potentially getting in to.

    If you go into this with both eyes open and understand that you MAY have to change extractors/ejectors for 100% flawless, life depends on it action, and you'll be ok. Otherwise, use it for what it's intended for, a way to help you save some dough at the range (but Advantage Arms' .22 kit will do that much better). Do a quick google search and you will find a lot of what I just listed here.

    I save enough money in ammo shooting the 9mm barrel and .22 conversion, that I purchased a 2nd G23.

    If you do get the barrel, I would always end practice with a few
    Rounds of .40 so you "remember" what it feels like and not anticipating the recoil
    Of a 9mm in a defensive situation.

    Personally, unless you change the ejector and the extractor, I would not use this as a viable carry option.

    As you can see, I can't say enough good things about it.

    I believe Storm Lake also makes a highly reputable conversion.
    Sorry referencing another forum:

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  5. bigperm

    bigperm New Member

    I put a 357 dog lonewolf barrel in my g23 have had no issues I would.recommend the 40 for protection over the 9 mm and the slide hole for the 40 is bigger than the 9mm so ur lonewolf barrel is gna thick metal will not warp or have problems its worth every penny and u money
  6. Glockmaster

    Glockmaster New Member

    I have 2 LWD 40-9 barrels and have not had any issues at the range. I even use the .40 mags with 9mm ammo. I wouldn't trust my life with a conversion barrel but as far as the range goes no issues yet!
  7. Two-Guns

    Two-Guns New Member

    All I did is buy a G19 to go with my G23. But I do have a G32 barrel for my G23. But I would trust the LWD 9mm barrel for range use and not carry.
  8. rickjames

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    What up big perm i mean "big worm"
    Sorry, haha your name made me think of thr movie friday.
  9. bigperm

    bigperm New Member

    I carry ky 357 Sig and would bet my life on it Wikipedia the round is has a lot of stopping power and is over looked. 40 caliber is very good to but I have put hundreds of rounds outta my lonewolf barrel and no issues and I trust it corning makes.some.very good rounds traveling 1600 ftps and 578 muzzle.velocity that's more.than a 45 velocity kills
  10. bigperm

    bigperm New Member

    Sorry corbon powrball makes.the round with a tip in the hollow point a lot of cops and us and FBI cia r the 357 Sig wikipidia it
  11. RobertR13

    RobertR13 Left

    Range only use in my opinion. You may never have a problem, but if you did, you might be dead, so why risk it. The other option could be to get a complete 9mm slide and drop it on. You still have the theoretical ejector issue, but you at least have stock Glock parts and you could swap out the ejector also if you wanted. It wouldn't really be an option at the range, you usually don't want to be disassembling the bottom end of your gun at the range, but you would be able to switch back and forth without having to buy a complete second gun, though the cost is getting close to the same at that point.
  12. raceroch

    raceroch New Member

    I am a big proponent of practicing with what you would shoot in real life, but the chances of you using your gun outside the range is slim to none so I don't think it matters :)
  13. Evolution

    Evolution New Member

    I'll keep my 23 and 19 ready. No need for conversion..
  14. biggs9599

    biggs9599 New Member

    I converted my 17 to a 22 by changing the slide. I still have my 9mm barrel so I can swap back and forth and I will tell u what I think I would trust the 9 with my life. It's still a glock.
  15. PanFried

    PanFried New Member

    I feel that. If it ain't broke , why fix it. I understand wanting to save money when goin to the range. But from a self defense stand point, i'm going to keep my glocks original. But for my home defense glock, i'm changing the sights to night sights.