Glock 23 jammed twice on me

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  1. Hey what's up? My glock 23 which was bought new, and always clean has recently jammed on me using Federal target ammo. In both cases the round which is a fmj with a flat nose 180 grain bullet failed to move upward in the mag, so it could feed into the chamber. The second time I was able to clear with a sharp smack to the side of the gun, which shook the round loose, and released the slide chambering the round. These rounds are only for practice, BUT its a glock and I wasn't expecting to have issues. Anyone have any advice? I thought these could digest anything.
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    Cleaned the mags recently? How old is the gun, how often do you shoot it, do you store rounds in the mag?

  3. The gun is only four months old. I shoot it weekly, and clean in right after I shoot. Yes I do store rounds in it, as it is my carry/home defense firearm, but I rotate the mags. And it has happened one time with each mag.
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    Storing rounds is not a problem it's made to do that. Id call Glock see what they say. Worst that can happen is they send it back with an extra mag. Just make sure it's not on your tab for shipping or anything. Sounds like a mag problem. Unless your outing the rounds in weird or something. Once it's full tap it so the bullets press against the peep holes in the back.
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    Federal Champion is pretty weak and I wouldn't doubt seeing multiple types of failures, though uncommon, while using it. Try some American Eagle or Speer Lawman, if you experience any failures with that ammo you can be nearly certain that the problem isn't the ammo.

    There are two other likely possibilities:
    1. It's caused by the one or more of the magazines. Some of the latest .40 magazines have excess plastic on the plastic protrusions at the front of each feed lip which can rub against the rounds as they rise in the magazine, slowing their rise and causing failures to feed. I've experienced this myself with two G23 magazines, one had a "1" next to the Glock logo on the rear of the magazine, the other had a "2" next to the Glock logo. I shaved those protrusions down and both magazines function flawlessly now.
    2. It's not common, but with any recent production Glock it's possible to get an extractor which is out-of-spec and doesn't move freely enough in the slide. If this is the case, simply replacing the extractor should fix the problem. If you bought your Glock new four months ago, it should use the .40 Loaded Chamber Indicator(LCI) extractor and you'd just need to get another one as a replacement.

    Next time you go to the range, try some American Eagle or Speer Lawman if you can. If you experience no failures to feed, the problem was likely caused by Federal Champion ammo. If you do experience failures to feed, take each magazine that you were using when you experienced a failure to feed and set it aside. If you experience failures to feed with some magazines and not others, the problem is likely caused by the magazines you were using when the failures happened, and it's likely caused by the plastic protrusions at the front of the feed lips. If you experience failures to feed with all of your magazines, it's more likely that the extractor needs to be replaced.

    Here's a picture showing one of the plastic protrusions in the magazine. There is one of these protrusions at the front of both the left and right feed lips, and both may need to be shaved down to make the magazine function properly. Never mind the instructions in the picture, just shave them down until the magazine works properly. You don't have to worry about removing too much, the magazine will function properly even if they're removed entirely.

    And in this picture I colored in the plastic surfaces that you shave down, at the front of both the left and right feed lips:
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  6. Now THAT is a post!!
  7. I appreciate the tips guys. I will definately give it a shot. Thanks!
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum importinvasionny !!

    Let us know how you make out...
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    Awesome info :)
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    My bet is the ammo. I use federal in my G23, and there are some weak loads sometimes. It's because the .40 caliber round really isn't designed for a 180 gr. bullet, they load down the powder so that the pressure does not get too high. Better to be safe than sorry, but sometimes they reduce it a little too much. The 180 gr. bullet was developed for the bigger brother of the .40 the 10mm.
  11. Thanks guys. I really don't mind it so much as its just my range ammo, and so far has only happened twice, and both recently. Maybe its just this lot of ammo. As long as my carry ammo doesn't do it, I'm ok with it. Dont use federal for my carry rounds. Going shooting tomorrow. I'll let yall know how it goes.
  12. Just an update guys, i promised i would. Ive spent two days at the range and tons of ammo. I think i figured out the problem. Took three brands of ammo to realize the problem with my 23 was the person shooting it. Apparently, ive developed a slightly weaker grip, and i thinks its due to becoming so relaxed as i shoot so often. Tried three different ammo types, jam, jam, jam! Then i made a concious decision to grip the gun firmer when shooting, only slightly firmer, and problem fixed! Not a single jam thereafter. Apparently, glocks are just as prone to limp wristing as are other guns. Never even realized that i had developed this condition. Its hard to believe that a glock can do this. It is perfection, but i am not. :)
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    if you have a Gen4 23 then you also might have a recoil spring recall that is helping with limp wristing / jam problem... same thing happened on my gen4 G17... go the spring replaced and now i can limp wrist it all i want (if i need to)
  14. Hmmmmm..... Well mine is gen 3. How long does the spring last. Ive fired maybe one thousand rounds threw it, and it was bought new.
  15. Recommended is 5-6k. Needless to say I have waaaaaaaaaay more through many different ones.
  16. Well thing is this is my main carry weapon so i want to keep it completely stock. I just ordered a new spring. Only eleven bucks. I think its worththe money for piece of mind. In the meantime i am going to refine my shooting form and make sure i dont limp wrist anymore.
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    What grain round was the .40 designed for?
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    I'm not sure exactly, it is either 165 or 155. The 180 gr. bullet was designed for the 10mm which is the bigger brother of the .40. It has a longer case and more powder to send the 180 gr. bullet downrange.
  19. Yet most of the ammo at wallyworld in .40 comes in 180 grain....
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    I've shot thousands of wal mart cheap federal ammo in a g22 and g27 without a problem. If it is hanging up in the mag it isn't the ammo unless the brass is out of spec. Make sure the mag springs are installed correctly if youve ever disassembled the mags, and the mags are clean. If you shoot outdoors and drop the mags to the ground during reload training, they will do stuff like that when dirt gets in them. Definitely looks like a possibity shaving down the areas mentioned above. Weak ammo would cause failures to eject, stovepipe, failure to feed if the slide didn't cycle rearward enough. This sounds like mag problem. Federal is manufactured to SAAMI specs and is new ammo. According to glock that is all you need. Its in their owner's manuals.