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Glock 23, Gen. 4 ammo question...

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Wana go shooting this weekend i have a 23 gen 4 going to reload a few hundred rounds so i have heard cant shoot lead is this true wat load should i use
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It has to do with the rifling in glocks, it fouls the bore more severely. It won't hurt the gun, but accuracy will suffer (pretty badly from what I understand). I would shoot jacketed bullets preferably.
Using bare lead bullets causes pretty bad cladding in the barrel, and renders Glock's warranty void.

Use only jacketted bullets (FMJ or TMJ) or in a pinch you can use PLATED bullets.

Since you are shooting a G23, you should buy .40S&W bullets (or 10mm bullets, same thing) for reloading.

If you are asking for a recipe, it will depend on the bullet you are using and the gunpowder you are using.

There are a lot of steps to prepare, and a number of very important things to keep in mind....are you new to reloading?
I am new to reloading but my one friend shoots combat he reloads for years now he is going to help me
Going to use 180gr bullets wats the best load to use
Invest in aftermarket barrel to shoot reload. The barrel will pay for itself in the long run. :)
Ive have been shooting factory reloads in my stock GEN 4 23 since the first day I bought it! I order mine from lucky MBI. 2,000+ rounds no issues yet!
Exactly, get a true land and groove rifled barrel. Then you can shoot lead. Always make sure you keep your pistol cean too. I have shot reloads for years and had very little issue. Funny thing is the dangerous part is accidentally making a squib. (not enough or no primer) The pistol goes bang but feels funny. Disassemble the pistol and there is a bullet stuck in the barrel! If you do your normal tap, rack and asses... boom goes the pistola. So just be mindful. Reloading allows me to shoot as much as I want. Plus, you have great control of the rounds you make. (hot, mild, etc) Here's a photo of a squib. Only happened once!


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I cant get another barrel its illegal in south africa if my gun blows a barrel and i replace it i have to re apply for a license witch takes about 3 months to a year thats if they grant it the first time still waiting for my license as we speak but luck the gun shop were my gun is at has an indoor range
Never use a load that you get from someone on any forum. Buy a good reloading manual and you will have everything you need and be a lot safer for you.
Will do thanks what does a good reloading kit consist of ( i am really new to this so dont know all the names )
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