Glock 23 ccw holster

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  1. mcoderre1

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    My suggestions on a ccw holster for my new glock 23
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  3. mcoderre1

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    Inside or out not sure yet.
  4. mcoderre1

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    And I am also left handed
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    Mike P Is a vendor here on the forum and makes excellent holsters. Here is some of his work. It hold the gun close to you side so a t-shirt can conceal it but I would recommend a button up shirt when it is OWB. You can order leather loops to mount on the front and convert it to a IWB holster. The sweat guard, light combo, and IWB gear are optional.

    Btw this my 23 in the holster

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  6. dwcfastrice

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  7. Thesarge

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    Take a serious look at Comp-tac. A well established company that is great to deal with and their gear works very well. Lots of options. Bill
  8. MarinewithaGlock

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    I've had a Comp-Tac Minotaur holster for 2 years now and I love it.
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    Blackhawk is good

    I like the Blackhawk Serpa outside on belt. I don't like the paddle because it does not fit well.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    I sell lots of holsters as well, MikeP is a great guy and arguably has the best value. But if you don't want kydex, I got you covered.
  12. zipper046

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    +1...have one and a Crossbreed... Switch between them...both very comfortable.
  13. 10mil

    10mil Is That a .40....nope its a 10MM!

    Second the black hawk but i like the paddle fits more snug gotta find that right spot and Im a lefty too found it locally :)
  14. +1 on the Blackhawk Serpa, but I do use the paddle. I guess my hips are sexier than lonnylong :p I use a Foxx Holster for IWB, and I like it, but Crossbreed supertuck is more comfortable and better made, but also almost twice the price. The plus with any holster for the 23 is you can also use it for the 19. Win, win! :)

  15. MarinewithaGlock

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    I use the Blackhawk Serpa with the paddle as well along with my Comp-Tac Minotaur MTAC holster. Both as great products. The Serpa gets a little uncomfortable after long periods in the car unlike the Comp-Tac which is always comfortable. I'm always wearing one of the two or my SafarLand ALS Duty holster which is surprisingly way more comfortable than the Blackhawk and about as comfortable as the Comp-Tac while in the car. The SafariLand however is NOT designed as a CCW holster since it is a mid-ride holster and it sticks out away from the body.

    I use to have a Galco Kydex holster as well. I was a big fan of it though, it had a thumb release that I wasn't crazy about for CCW and I thought the paddle on it was too small and too curved for my body.