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    Me and my girlfriend put 100 rounds trough my 23 the other day at 30 yards and my groups were the best I shot with any handgun. I would recommend this gun to all military and police. For police this gun is nice when you have that peep running at you and you can't shoot unfilled 7 feet its perfect at close range. If your shooting at 30 yards you can hit Target easy. I'm going to try 50 next time and will keep updated the further I go back.
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    The Glock 23 is indeed a great gun. By chance, have you compared it with a Glock 22?

  3. Glock 23 is fantastic! Thats one of the next firearms that I am looking into purchasing. And IMO I like the 23 better than the 22 simply because it is a little bit smaller, so it's easier to conceal, but it still fits ok in my big burly hands hahah
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum dday03 !!
  5. i love all 3 of mine
  6. jimmyalbrecht

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    3? of the same gun? Someone has a Glock addiction haha.
  7. G23C gen 2 that I bought in 1996, G23 gen 4 that i bought a few months ago and i traded a CZ shotgun for a G23 gen 3 about 3 weeks ago. I have tons of .40 ammo and i needed multiple guns to shoot it with. I want to get a couple of used G22s too
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    That's pretty cool man. One in every generation they made it.
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    Glock 23C Gen 3 RTF2 my favorite everyday all day:D :cool:, but I love my other's M22 gen 3, M17 gen 3, welcome to the forum happy shooting and enjoy!!! :cool:
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    Just got my 23 today. Shot a butt load of ammo today. It's my first Glock. Love it. Tried three different kinds of ammo. No problems at all. I was surprised that the shells, where the company test fired the gun, we're CCI Blazers.
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    Any better pictures of that OD Glock? Any target pictures? Inquiring people want to know! :D
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    My 23's a GEN 4 & 3

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    What grip is that on the lower 23?
  14. Glockmaster

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    It's a Talon rubber coated like the grip tape but it's rubber $9.99 cheaper then dirt