Glock 22lr conversion which brand?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by bhale187, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. bhale187

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    Advantage Arms
    Tactical Solutions
    Any Others I missed

    which should I get and why? First hand experience greatly appreciated

    I most interested in one that really runs well and on a variety of bulk ammos. Accuracy is obviously a bonus, higher mag capacity is not a deal breaker, last round lock back also not a deal breaker.
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    i am interested in seeing good info on this subject, too!

  3. I've got an Advantage Arms. All their claims have held true including their recommendation to shoot quality ammo. CCI mini's do ok but the bulk Fed or Win fail to eject.

    I have turned it over to a smith for some testing. He's gonna see if he can lighten the "blowback" so it can handle the less expensive ammo. If it works great, if not, oh well, no big loss.
  4. bhale187

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    thanks, that was kind of what I was afraid of. I'm hoping for one that runs on the cheap fuel :eek:
  5. bhale187

    bhale187 New Member Supporter

    Any other insight?
  6. wrpNYFL

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    I love my Advantage Arms kit with my G19. Few ejection issues. Lots of fun. Cheap to shoot.
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    I have an Advantage arms kit, and as previously said it is a little sensitive to ammo. The cheaper stuff tends to be less then 40 gr bullet weight which is the recommended weight for the kit to work correctly. I've found that it likes any of the stuff that is on the martket currently for the .22 AR convsersions as well. Also the gun is very sensitive to limp wristing, and if your lower has been tuned by polishing the connector or is really well used the kit will not engage the connector and go G18 on you. Lots of folks like to complain about the weight beign to light for training, it is fairly light loaded even compared to an empty stock gun. This can be corrected somewhat by using a Seattle Slug in the grip to get the weight up a little to make the draw's more similar, but you get punished if your grip isn't good with feeding issues.

    It's a great tool for learning trigger control and site acquistion, get the LE kit and you can do like I have and put on the same sites you run on your stock weapon. It's better then dry firing, especially with steel targets because you get the instant gratification hit feedback for a job well done.

    I've got a kit for the fullsize frames, one for the subcompact frames and one that runs on my G30 frame. All run good, but the smaller ones are a little more prone to feed issues. I shot more then a few steel matches with the G17/22 kit on the gun and it hasn't let me down yet.

    I've also tried the tactical solutions kit. It was an early one and had some issues, but shows alot of promise. The wieght is more close to form and the mags supposedly will be hi cap, the kit I tried was 10 round only.
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    From my experience both the Tactical Solutions and the Advantage Arms are great kits. The newer Tactical Solutions kits have been getting great reviews though.
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    Thanks guys. I've been reading alot online. It seems cieners ($200) are usually great, but a few are pure POS and no cust serv. The tactical solutions runs $360 and theres alot of bad reviews from ones that were made a year or more ago, but alot of good reviews on newer ones. The advantage arms ($275) seem to get great reviews all around, but people always seem to emphasize that you have to use good quality 40gr rounds alot of people said use CCI only.

    All of this has left me conflicted. I'm starting to think I may just buy a 22lr pistol like the GSG 1911, or the S&W M&P 22.
  10. Argyle64

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    My father in law has a new M&P 22 and loves it. It's run flawlessly for the first 500 rounds so far and that's with a suppressor attached.
  11. perhaps this is a silly comment, but the one thing that disappoints me about the Advantage Arms 22 LR conversion kit for my gen 4 G17 is the magazine only holds ten rounds. I know they make a 25 round one, but it sticks out way too much. Just wish they could have designed one where they 22 rounds stagger from side to side like the Glock stock mags do.
  12. bhale187

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    No one has ever seemed to be able to create a double stack 22lr mag that worked.

    There are 15 round mags for it though, and they are flush fit
  13. wrpNYFL

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    I use the Advantage Arms kit. I have had great luck with Remington Golden Bullets 36gr jacketed hollow point. Pretty cheap and only 4 or 5 misfeeds in about 700 rounds. I find that acceptable.
  14. For the money, would rather just buy a 22 pistol like a Ruger Mark III than spend it on a 22 conversion kit.
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    Tactical solutions only makes a kit that fits fill size glocks, 17/22 etc. So if you wanna master the glock trigger and you have a compact, subcompact, 45 or 10mm then the Advantage Arms is the way to go. I have the AA19/23LE model, love it. Remington Golden Bullets for bulk, Mini Mags for accuracy.
  16. wrpNYFL

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    I like having the same trigger pull and sight picture. You can't replicate the Glock with the Ruger...
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    Enjoy!!! I look forward to your report.
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