Glock 22 with a .357 barrel

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by texanjao, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. texanjao

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    I have bought a new Glock 22 gen 3, I also bought a new 357 sig barrel along with. Some one told me that my glock 22 will not handle the stress of the 357 Sig barrel, is true? I contacted my gun shop were I have bought if from and they told me that it will handle the stress and only applies to the Gen 2 glocks. What are ur thoughts?
  2. jonm61

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    You'll be fine. Even with the 2nd Gen guns with the 2 pin frames, when I asked Glock I was told no problem. I used a .357Sig barrel in my 2nd Gen 23 without a problem.

  3. Shaun Kim

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    Works fine. You'll be alright.
  4. jfirecops

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    Yea, the G22 and the G31 is the same frame, just a different bore for the barrel. So, if the 22 won't handle it, the 31 would not handle it.
  5. I've been thinking about my next Glock being a 35 (long slide .40) and putting a LoneWolf .357 sig barrel in it. maybe a threaded barrel for a comp or something :p
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    this question was asked on other forums and the answer is it will hold up, even on the gen 2's
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    You'll be fine with Gen3. Early Gen2 .40 frames didn't have the metal extensions on the front frame rail insert to stop frame battering, those extensions were added some time in 1998. If yours is Gen2, you'd have to call Glock and give them the serial number, and ask if that frame will handle .357SIG. Some of the representatives will tell you to only shoot the caliber it was originally chambered for, keep calling back until you get one that will answer the question.