Glock 22 or 23?

Discussion in 'What Glock Should I Get' started by KingSanchez, Feb 21, 2012.

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    I was raised on a Glock 23. When I say "raised" I mean when I was 15 my father used to bring me to pin shoots. I started competing with a Beretta 92FS, which I now own 16 years later. But eventually my dad bought a Glock 23 for me and a 1911 for himself. The 23 was a perfect fit for me and I did amazing with a .40 at such a young age. I own many firearms now, mostly 1911s for shoots and a fun S&W 10mm that I like to demolish some pins with. But I'm looking to get my first Glock. I'm not sure what took me so long, but the only thing I know is I want a .40. So it's between the 22 and the 23. I do plan on using it for a few rounds, but eventually changing out the trigger system with the EDGE Trigger, and maybe a few other mods... But I'd love to hear the opinions of the people...

    Help me decide. Thanks.
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    Well, the G22 is the standard size ( 4.49" barrel ) making it a good choice for pin shooting

    while the G23 is the compact version ( 4.02" barrel )...making it better for conceal carry.

    You have to ask yourself what will be the primary use of the firearm...

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    I prefer my 22 for carry personally, but for days I can't pull off concealing the 22 I have no problem making due with my 23. I just prefer the full size, wish I could get used to carrying my 21 but it just feels so huge.
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    I've come to this conclusion so far....

    I will end up with both, I think I'm leaning forward the 23 for this weekend. The 9mm conversion really made that decision for me. But the 22 will join the family soon after.