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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by FutureTrooperNC, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. FutureTrooperNC

    FutureTrooperNC New Member

    Does anyone have any inputs, custom pictures, or any comments on the glock 22. I'm looking to buy one and need comments about the gun.
  2. It's a great gun and preferred by many law enforcemets,it's a little big for conceal carry,i chose the G23 because it's more compact,a buddy of mine who is a pretty big guy carries the G22 cause he says it fits better in his hand and he does CC with it,he has carried it for over 10 years and he still loves it and has had no issues with it,i just like the more compact ones,just personnal preference.

  3. Wade

    Wade New Member

    My sons both have them. I used my youngest son's when I went for my CWP qualification shoot. It's a great handling pistol. I think you would love it. The only mod on his is Trijicon night sights. It is the weapon issued by most of the Police Departments in my area (just not my department).
  4. Angry_Dave

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    I loved it, that's what we used in the academy. We got a gen 4 right when they came out, not one problem out of it. I think you would be happy with it.
  5. Grabber GT

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    They are all good, size and caliber are all personal preference. Just get a Glock!
  6. FutureTrooperNC

    FutureTrooperNC New Member

    Ok the gun sounds great. Ready to get it out on the range.
  7. Wade

    Wade New Member

    That really is the best way to find out for sure. Many gun shops will rent different gun models so you could try before you buy.
  8. Birddogyz

    Birddogyz Regular Guy

    I have the 22 in Gen 3. I prefer it over my other Glocks for carry and HD. I will add a 27 to he collection soon.
  9. smpeck88

    smpeck88 New Member

    The Glock 22 (Gen3) was the first Glock I bought. My cousin has one (gen3), and after shooting his, I couldn't help but get my own. It quickly became my favorite gun, and I shoot it all the time and never had any issues with it at all. It's led me to wanting to get a G23 now as it's a bit smaller than the G22. Overall, though, definitely can't go wrong with the 22. Mine shoots like a dream and eats everything I put through it :D
  10. VCMike

    VCMike New Member

    I have a 23 and keep thinking I should buy a 22 also, not sure why because the 23 shoots great and I enjoy it.
  11. blackmamba26

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    Reliable, Efficient, Accurate, Simple to Operate and Maintain
  12. OhioBountyHunter

    OhioBountyHunter New Member

    My EDC is a Gen 2 G22 in a Cross Breed knock off holster and I love it. Even in a semi tight tee shirt it only prints if I'm bending and twisting and then just the butt of the grip a little.
  13. Great gun. I bought a Gen3 22C when I went into the academy in '05. So far I've put about 7-8,000 rounds with no problems. I have a SS guide rod, Advanced Arms sights, Glockmeister grip plug, extended mag release, extended take down lever, extended slide release (I have small hands), a different back plate, KKM G35 SS competition barrel, and the frame is duracoated sniper green.

    I keep thinking I want a 23C, but with all I've done to my 22C I just can't see getting rid of it.
  14. I have a Gen 2 G22 and it is my EDC I'm only 5'10" 175 and I have no problems concealing it. I have an IWB holster and carry at about the 4 o'clock position. Conceals great and I love the full size frame. Fits great in my hand. I highly recommend getting one for sport or for CC.

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  15. louiespagouie

    louiespagouie Senior Member

    I love mine it's a G22 G3 and everyone who has shot it has went and purchased their own as well. Any Glock is a great choice!!
  16. Glock-Siggy

    Glock-Siggy New Member Lifetime Supporting Member

    The G4 G22 was my first Glock. Couldn't have made a better choice. I use it in local USPSA matches, the only addition is the Truglo sights and the custom OD green paint job on the frame.


    and the red lettering on the slide!