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Glock 22 .40 to 9x19 barrel

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Hey guys,
Just wondering if anyone has some feed back on the lone wolf distributers 40 to 9 conversion. I'm just wondering if it is worth it being that .40 is about 3-4 dollars more than 9 for a box of 9.
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I have the Lonewolf 40-9 barrel and like it a lot. They are match grade and you can shoot lead out of them which is a plus. Accuracy was great and my Lasermax guide rod laser works perfect with it too.

Definitely worth it.
jimmyalbrecht said:
As soon as I get the money, I am buying one!
You won't regret it. My next purchase is going to be the 40-9 barrel for my G27.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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