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    I became more aware of Glock when attending a Police Academy in Colorado. I was gung ho on a Smith and Wesson semi, then I began to use a G17 I really felt it was a good weapon and did the job very well but still loyal to S&W and over the next 11 months I knew that without a doubt I wanted a double action only handgun. I spoke to my range master, we have known each other for some time before this. When I told him what I wanted to do he advised me to fire a DOA Smith and see the difference. After several hours at the range I came to the decision the I felt more comfortable with the Glock action than what I experienced with the Smith and went back to the range master and told him what I thought he smiled and said he was glad I made the decision myself and he would have told me the Glock was better for me than the Smith, I am left handed and won't have to worry about getting the thumb safety changed. I learned that in Law enforcement a .40 is more preferred than the 9mm and I went to my favorite "Cop shop" and bought a Glock 22, which I listened to what I thought was someone who knew what I was looking for, wrong, personally I shoot better with my 23c and G27 and I also prefer the smaller feel even though it is only .5 inch. That is my 2 cents and my own preference. I am also a person who believes that the best gun you can shoot well is one you want and like.:usa:
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    I carrier a Glock 22 and 27 when I was with the Colorado mounted rangers for 10 years. I carried the 27 in a holster on my body armor. I put in a 3.5 connector and night sights in all my Glocks. I consider the Glocks the perfect weapons. I was a range master, and a Glock armorer. I also wrote the firearms guidelines in the ranger bylaws. The Glock 23 would be my second choice for duty/CCW carry.