Glock 21R What are ur thoughts?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by G22GEN4, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. G22GEN4

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    It's different for sure. Some Glock owners in the Glock Talk forum don't like it at all. 1 guy goes as far as saying he would love it if the brady campaign would ban it. So what are ur thoughts?
  2. glockguy13

    glockguy13 New Member

    Honestly I don't like it but the 1911 would be nice for a change. It just dosent look good in my opinion

  3. chadsaalfrank

    chadsaalfrank New Member

    I would buy it! Its not very typical but I wasn't very impressed 10 years ago when I bought my first glock. Now I can't get enuf of them. I would definitely buy this or any new weapon by glock!
  4. 3L3C7R0

    3L3C7R0 New Member

    That photo shop it's too overdone. If it were real the whole front of the gun is beyond ugly.
  5. sgtcowboyusmc

    sgtcowboyusmc New Member

    5 days late for April Fools!;)
  6. That picture is beyond ugly! If Glock does a Revolver it should look more like the small .38's without a hammer.
  7. G22GEN4

    G22GEN4 New Member

    Ok if this is a photoshopped April fools pic, then I've been had lol.... Maybe that's how to explain the G18 sf on a revolver....
  8. 3L3C7R0

    3L3C7R0 New Member

    You've been had. So far Glock only makes Glocks...
  9. fls348

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    April fools is over.........
  10. mwdenko

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    I actually LOL'd .

    Too funny.
  11. G22GEN4

    G22GEN4 New Member

    It's not an April fool joke. I actually thought it was real.
  12. jonm61

    jonm61 New Member

    Well, let's see. You'd have to call it the 21RC, since it's comp'd, .45ACP in a revolver would require use of moon clips, I don't know why a revolver would have a thumb safety or selector switch, whichever that is, and the bottom of the barrel looks like an AR foregrip. All in all, it's only slightly more ridiculous than the Glock 1911, which was at least photoshopped well.
  13. tbspeed1

    tbspeed1 New Member

    If this gun actually came out on the market it would be a huge hit. I would order one today.
  14. Alabama65

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    You know that could be American made western style Glock and make the company major bucks and win some wheel guys over too!
    If it was real and not a cruel joke!
  15. 11Bravo

    11Bravo New Member

    Way to bring up an 18 month old thread. It was a joke in the first place.
  16. wgunter54

    wgunter54 New Member

    If the G21R was available, I would be the first in line to buy one. Very beautiful weapon.
  17. officerX

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    Holy thread resurrection, Batman!

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  18. Lucian_253

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    That pic will get many more people for many more years lol.

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  19. sdglock23

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    Reminds me of the Glock 1911 pic that was going around for a while, which actually looked good. That "thing" above looks hideous.

    Found it:
  20. ZO6Vettever

    ZO6Vettever Junior Member

    Revolvers are their own breed. Semi auto's, many good ones are made and Glock is one. Colt makes both and their 1911's and Python's are the cream of the crop. Glocks on the other hand are not very good looking but do what they were designed for, function perfect. Colt, Python's and 1911's still give the warm fuzzy feeling no Glock can.