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    Greetings everyone...

    Last fall I was lucky enough to purchase a 21C out of the last production gun Glock produced for the "C" models... After shooting it, and loving the reduced recoil the compensation provided, I chose to go through the motions of building a Short Barreled Rifle out of it...

    These are just the first few steps along this build, and I plan to update this thread whenever a new part of the build arrives, but here it is so far...

    I sat down with a graphics program and designed a crest with text that would serve as the template for any NFA builds I ever choose to make... I then sent out my 21C's frame along with the file to a laser engraver last December that specializes in NFA engraving... It is hard to see the detail in this pic, and I may eventually use some white paint to really make it stand out...
    SBR Engraving.jpg

    In January 2014 I formed an NFA trust and e-filed my Form 1 to the ATF for this build...after many months, my approval went through and I was able to move forward. After researching my SBR kit options, I elected to go with Fab Defense (Mako Group)
    SBR Kit.jpg
    SBR Open.jpg

    Many of the folks out there like the Roni kits, however, I chose the KPOS as it had more ventilation for the compensated 21C, and had a removable front piece for use with an eventual suppressor... I have already purchased a 6" threaded barrel from KKM Precision and purchased a Miranda suppressor from Liberty - just waiting on the ATF to approve my local dealer's SOT form so I can submit my Form 4 and continue to wait for my own approval before taking possession of the Miranda.

    So here she is mounted in the kit...
    SBR 1.jpg
    SBR 4.jpg
    SBR 3.jpg
    SBR 2.jpg

    I took it to the range yesterday using a Bushnell non-magnified red dot sight I had laying around... This picture is from ~115ft, using a rest, and tweaking the sight until the shots were consistently in the center...
    Target 115ft.jpg

    I already have some folding Troy Micro tritium "AR-Style" sights ordered for it...and a Tungsten recoil spring assembly is installed... Next purchase will likely be a Fulcrum trigger kit so I wont tend to pull the sights off target when firing at long distances...

    What do the Forum members think...? Anyone else out there have a Glock SBR...?

    Figure this is the closest any of us will ever get to a Glock produced carbine...:D
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    I think it's pretty cool! I'm not really into that stuff, I do think it's cool and I'd like to shoot one but I don't care to make one.. I opted to put the money towards a AR pistol which might someday in the future become a SBR. But until then I will just be using the Sig SB15 which is literally no different than a stock..

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    I'm impressed that someone actually went through all the proper steps to do this! Nice work!

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  4. Dewyz1100

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    End Goal

    I always wanted a SBR for home defense, and since Glock pistols are so easy to work on, it made sense to turn one of mine into an SBR... Something small, lightweight, and able to be maneuvered in close conditions...

    The addition of a suppressor is a bonus, as it is highly unlikely that I will be putting on ears if I wake up to a bad guy in the, in the unfortunate event that I actually have to fire it indoors, I will want to be able to hear the responding officer's instructions and eventual questions...

    A rifle round used in the same scenario would be even worse on the ears, and would have more potential of passing through multiple walls... I would love to get an SBR upper for my AR...just not for use in defense within my home...

    Planning on getting pre-fragmented rounds for this SBR when it transitions from range toy to a home defense platform...
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    Looks great very nice. I would love to have some cool NFA stuff someday. Thanks for posting!

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    Very cool!!! Understand the need for being surpressed but dnt understand why all the rest for the upgrades? Seamd like it would be easier to go and buy a AR or something simular so you still have your handgun for backup? But the is VERY cool!! Thanks for sharing!!
  7. Dewyz1100

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    Thanks for the response folks...

    I have several other .45acp Glocks and a 1911 that can all use the same ammo as this SBR build... That was a big bonus for me, being able to have identical ammo for both SBR, EDC/CCW, competition, truck weapon, bug out bag, and backup guns...:rolleyes:

    I do own an AR, but having a standard 16" barrel length - it is not suited for close quarters, but instead, is perfect to reach out and touch someone at a decent distance... ;)
  8. Glockinator19

    Glockinator19 Certified Glock Armorer

    Question, now that you turned your 21 into a SBR are you allowed to disassemble it and just use it as a glock? And go back and forth.. Or does it have to stay in the SBR configuration
  9. luvninaross

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    It can be returned to pistol former but will be forever labeled as an sbr and cannot leave his state. Even as a pistol.
  10. Glockinator19

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    I thought you could cross state lines with a SBR but you had to file paperwork and get approval first?
  11. luvninaross

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    I believe that is a negative. But then again I'm guy that gets told no. I researched this awhile back and this was the answer I found. It wasn't a state law it was federal. It could have been changed. But I doubt it
  12. Perfection45

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    I put this together today. Looks mighty similar

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  13. Dewyz1100

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    Perfection45 - does that kit come with a shoulder stock, or is that simply a cool frame/platform to go around the pistol...?

    In other news, in for a penny - in for a pound... Ordered a bunch of other stuff for this build yesterday... Fulcrum trigger kit (Pyramid) - figured I would give this one a whirl, I have heard good things about both Zev Tech kits and Pyramid...I went with Pyramid as I am a fan of TiN coatings - they polish up nice and smooth...;)

    Also ordered a magwell and Aro-Tech "Sure Touch" slide lock lever (love these levers, have 'em on several Glocks)...along with ZevTech titanium extended slide stop, and aluminum extended mag release...:cool:

    Concerning legal questions, I would not presume to know the correct answer to them... I have several of my own that I plan to direct to the ATF when they become an issue, unfortunately, in the past, the ATF is hard to get on record when asked for answers... I doubt any individual employee answering phones or emails wants to put their ass on the line to speak for the ATF and their policies...go figure...

    For my own use of this SBR, I do not have any current plans to travel out of state (PA) with it... The only state I would want to take it to is NY (family farm up there)...however, I would not even be allowed to bring a pistol into NY, let alone a class 3 SBR...:mad:

    How stupid is this - I posed this scenario to my father... I have an ATF C&R license that allows me to purchase any of the Curios and Relics listed in their booklet (including pistols) from anyone, in any state, and have them shipped directly to my home without going through an FFL for NCIS background checks or transfer fees... :D

    If I visited my family in NY, and one of them had a pistol that qualifies as a C&R firearm, it would be a felony for me to take possession of it and drive it back to my home in PA... If convicted, all my firearms would be taken, and I would be entered in the NCIS database - thus preventing me from ever owning a gun again as a registered felon... :eek:

    However, if my family member was to simply ship me the same pistol directly to my home in PA, I am authorized by the federal government to legally take possession of the pistol and no laws would be broken...

    This is a perfect example of where there is a contradiction of state laws superseding federal laws, and how having a federal approval to do something could land you in jail if you happened to do it in a state with laws to the contrary...
  14. Perfection45

    Perfection45 Just another day in paradise!

    Lol nah this is the Sig Sauer ACP
  15. jctyler3

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    You can transport an SBR across State lines. You need to fill out the paperwork and get approval, which I'm told takes a few months. The item must also be legal in the State you are traveling to. This is the form to fill out.
  16. Glockinator19

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    I knew I wasn't crazy! Lol
  17. luvninaross

    luvninaross New Member

    Touché good sir
  18. Dewyz1100

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    Thanks for that ATF link and clarification... Information is always welcome... :)
  19. Dewyz1100

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    Latest work...

    I have finally got around to getting the internals and the sights...

    Aftermarket parts list:

    Pyramid Trigger Kit
    -Double Diamond Connector
    -TiN coated stainless firing pin safety
    -TiN coated stainless skeletontized firing pin
    -Spring Kit

    Tungsten recoil spring assembly

    KKM Precision 6" threaded barrel

    Aro-Tek Extended slide stop lever

    Zev-Tech Extended aluminum mag release

    Zev-Tech Extened titanium slide lock

    Glock 21 Pimped.jpg

    Crimson Trace light/laser vertical foregrip

    Crimson Trace - Side.jpg

    Crimson Trace - Front.jpg

    Troy Micro tritium folding battle sights, and I swapped out the original charging handle lever for a ProMag...makes working the action much easier...

    Troy Micro Sights.jpg

    ...still waiting on my ATF Form 4 for the Liberty Miranda suppressor...and gonna have to wait until next tax season for the AimPoint Micro red dot I would like to adorn the top rail...

    Past that, I am designing a custom fit foam design for a Pelican 1600 case to house this build, along with about a half-dozen 27rd mags, spare parts, and a silica packet to keep everything rust/moisture free...:cool:
  20. KeenansGarage

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    Very cool! Very, very cool!