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3rd Generation w/rail:
Price: $525.00
Pros: Comfortable, accurate, user friendly, easy to operate, low maintenance, dependable, great value for the money.
Cons: None
Recommended? Yes

Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory

I purchased this 3rd generation Glock 21, 45 Automatic, new almost 2
years ago. I had researched Glocks and knew them to be dependable and a
good "bang for the buck", but this gun has exceeded every expectation I had going into the purchase.

It runs flawlessly. For target ammo I have used a cheap but clean burning ammo recommended by my dealer. Over 600 rounds and not the 1st malfunction of any kind.

Felt recoil is CONSIDERABLY less than the 4th Gen. Glock 9mm I purchased for my spouse. Recoil is far less than anything you could expect. Very manageable, as it allows target re-acquisition immediately. My G-21 is
completely stock including the single-phase recoil spring. To be honest,
I wouldn't change a thing.

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Machine gun Gun accessory

It is very accurate. I am quite sure the gun is more accurate than I. I could tell you my personal groupings with the gun, but I am sure it wouldn't give credit to this guns performance. The gun delivers dead-on shots, at exactly where you're aiming. The challenge for accuracy is up to you with this gun... not the

4 drops of oil is the complete lubrication needed for this gun. Maintenance is minimal. Dependability and accuracy is over the top on any scale you wish to use. You can field strip this gun in seconds: very simple, but dependable design.

To my mind, it would be every hard to beat this gun in any application, under any consideration or circumstance. No less than 5 stars from me.