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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by bluestarguy, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. bluestarguy

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    Love my Glock 21. Best 45 I've owned.:D
  2. SNG

    SNG New Member

    Care to be more descriptive?
    Likes, dislikes, what you wish was better, etc.

  3. Steelharp

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    Mine is a 21SF. That "SF" makes a huge difference. It's only 2mm smaller in grip circumference, but it makes all the difference in the world. Very first trip to the range, brand new out of the box, 5 rds, and 5 plates down. I've never done that with ANY .45, 1911's included. They are, simply, the best... my opinion.
  4. Mine is a G21SF RTF2 a special limited run for LEOs. I am not an LEO and was fortunate to obtain this one in a swap. Extended
    Mag Release, Extended Slide release, Express Standard Dot Night Sites, Titanium LW Guide Rod, 3.5 Connector, insides polished. This was sold originally as a Law Enforcement gun a special run of 2000 made for Law Enforcement only. Since the pic was taken I had the extended mag release changed out to a standard one (kept hitting it inadvertantly as you can see the mag is released in the pic):eek:
  5. wsar10

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    the rough textured frame GLOCKs are not a special edition thing, the gun may have been a LEO gun and if so the only real diff. is that it should have come with three hi-cap mags. the other add ons were done by somebody else becuase LEO guns only have OE parts
    My gen4 17 is a LEO gun I got it brand new through work, factory nights and 3 17rnd mags.
  6. I was informed on two other Glock sites that the G21SF RTF2 was a special run of 2000 - 2500 for LEO's. i dont know what extras the original owner put on it, BTW I got 6 mags with it. [ame][/ame]

    Believe what you will and I will do the same.
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  7. G21

    I'll second "bluestarguy's" posting: " .45 I've owned." I've been a 1911 fan for all my years of Army service--even after the DoD decided on the Beretta M9 as the sidearm of choice. But my third Glock was the Mod 21, and after three rounds through the, then California legal, 13 round magazine I was sold on the gun. It recoiled like my LW Commander, but was far more accurate and stable in my hand. I still have one 1911 I've customized, but it is not my carry gun--the G21 is. (BTW, my other Glocks are a G17 and a G22). My G21 is my go to gun along with my Rem 11-87 Police.
  8. Ranger45

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    The G21 was also one of my favorites, but I recently sold my Gen3 G21 to finance an HK USPc 40. Was planning on replacing the Gen3 with a new Gen4 G21 anyway. Looking forward to that!
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  9. Want one. Have a G20, and had a G30 till recently - when I traded it with my brother for a HD shotgun. Want to acquire another G21 or at least another G30 or 36. It's all in the .45 acp caliber.
  10. jem375

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    sorry, after shooting my son-in-laws G21, will stick to my XD45.... but, my most accurate 45ACP is my Dan Wesson Pointman Major....
  11. I get to order my glock 21 gen 3 tomorrow or tuesday an mossbreg 500:D:D. The most complaints I hear on the glock 21 is that it has a pretty big frame. That's why a lot of people get the slim frame (SF) model but since I have big hands I'm going to get the regular version.
  12. BORIS

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    Despite my love for Glocks I hate the large frame Glocks I would take a XD45 over a Glock 21 anyday

    I don't even like the SF model. It stands for StillFat. That brings me to my choice of getting a G37. I have a G17 frame AND 45ACP specs all in one.

    Thankyou Gaston!! I will be the first person to buy a 10mm GAP when he makes one......
  13. Subgod

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    I love my glock 21 . It's not as accurate
    As my Wilson combat 45 but it's 3x the price.
    I keep my 21 on my side when I am working
    Around my farm.
  14. jayta98

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    I love my 21 as well. I carry IWB and extra mag. I really looking to get a G30 and either sell my G21 or keep it as HD gun next to my Mossy 500.
  15. jonm61

    jonm61 New Member

    Agree 100%. If it weren't for the SF, I wouldn't have a 29.

    I bought my 37 after reading the article in the Glock annual about Florida Highway Patrol's evaluation of the cartridge prior to adopting the Gen4 37 & the 39. From the first time I pulled the trigger, I was in love!

    As for a "10mm GAP", there is's called the .40S&W. ;) Not much else you can do to a 10mm to make it smaller. I suppose they could split the difference in case length, but that wouldn't fit in the standard frame and since we 10mm devotees are such a small crowd...