Glock 21 Extended slide stop.

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  1. Picked this up over at Black Heart International, I stopped in and they installed it for me in like 2 mins was 28 bucks total. For me its amazing since I jacked my thumb up in a dirt bike accident.

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  2. SHOOTER13

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  3. Yes I agree! I just added one to my glock 21 and it makes releasing the slide and chambering a round after a you put a new mag in a lot faster and easier.
  4. leb686

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    Mine should be arriving on Wednesday, this is a cheap no brainer upgrade
  5. dslmac2

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    Installed a Vickers Extended Slide Release today. Looks nice and functions better.
  6. guardian1881

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    i also have a g21 but im left handed is it posisbile for it to swich sides i hear that i can change my mag realese and my slide realse. i like that extention
  7. Tape

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    it makes a big difference, I don't know why Glock does'nt install them on new weapons.
  8. Boracay

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    Great Upgrade..
  9. Love my extended bits but $28???

    $20 would be more reasonable, it only take 5 minutes to do both the mag release and slide stop together.
  10. series11

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    I put the same thing on my G21 and will do so for my G30. It is cheap but makes a world of a difference!!!!
  11. ag563

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    me too, I got the stainless steel one for my G21, from Glock Polishing on eBay. Great guy to deal with...
  12. Eye_Peeled

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    What about the Ghost Extended SL? Anybody ever try this one? The protrusion is actually forward. It seems like it would be in perfect position for me, as a left-hand shooter. Click on the pic. It's a huge image, you can scroll around and get a very good look at it.

    If the link doesn't take you to it for some reason, they call it "Ghost Bullet Forward Slide Release (Combat Black)"
  13. mikecu

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    My guess would be that it adds 1.2 mm to the width of the gun. If they made it a factory item, then they have to modify the specs and they would lose the additional revenue from the add on sale.
  14. I don't have the ghost one that is foward but I do have the ghost extended slide release. I personally like the little tear drop shape.

  15. c1328chase

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    I got a new 23 w/ this installed (as well as Glock night sights) at a gun show. Had a 27 and dad has 2 22s and a 33. All with standard slide lock levers, this by far is one of my favorite accesories for a Glock. Makes life so much easier. Before, I powerstroked every release of the slide simply because it was a PITA. This little baby makes releasing the slide how it should be. Definitely agree with several guys above. ^^^^^^^^
  16. Argyle64

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    They do on the G34, 35, 24, 17L.

    I install these on all the Comp 1 and 2 Setups for my customers. These are great for righties and southpaws.
  17. MNMCycles

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    I am a southpaw and love the fact they make an extended slide release that goes forward. This help extremely as I use my index finger being a lefty. Out of all the bells and whistles the best part I put on so far.