Glock 21 ejection issues

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  1. Recently bought a new G21 gen 4 and have shot about 350 round through it and it ejects poorly. Sometimes, it ejects straight back into my face and sometimes I get hit in my right arm. Even when it doesn't hit me, it weakly ejects about two feet to the right.

    I bought a case of PMC Bronze 230 grain FMJ and that is the only ammo I've shot thus far. Could this be the issue? I plan on buying different ammo, but was wondering if anyone else had this issue?

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    My Gen3 21SF initially had poor ejections as well. Face- and head-shots all the time. After a thousand rounds, I think it broke itself in. Or perhaps I have just ignored it over time. In either case, many have reported that this appears to be the norm. Give it a few more hundred rounds.
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