Glock 20SF Slide and Ejector Problem

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    I wanted to see if anyone else had a Glock 20SF and whether they ran into these issues below. I was able to find one forum from back in 2011 that someone started that mentioned them.

    When I picked up the 20SF, I looked under the slide and noticed there was 'wear' or a slight scratch to the side of the stripper rail (this would be the side of the Ejector). It went all the way from the back of the slide to the barrel. I didn't think anything of it and the salesperson stated that it was fine. When I tried to put the slide back on at the store, I couldn't rack it all the way back to properly set the slide. I have a Glock 29 and 23, so I have experience with this. But for some reason the slide wouldn't rack all the way back. I asked the salesperson to help, but he didn't want to touch it. I'm guessing it's because they don't want to be liable for anything? I stood there for a good 10 minutes trying to get it. It shouldn't be that hard to do. Finally, I was able to get it. How? I'm not even sure. I was pretty close to not even accepting it and getting my money back.

    Took it home and started looking at it again. Same issue. I went online to look at some Youtube videos to see if this was a known issue. I found a video of someone taking a 20SF apart and putting it back together. He had mentioned that the Firing Pin Safety need to be pushed in and you have to make sure the Firing Pin was pushed forward in order for the slide to be put back on properly. (I thought this was automatically set) I followed his steps and I was able to rack the slide back each time. (although I haven't had to do this with my 19 or 23).

    I also had to slightly lift the slide up and over the Ejector because it was hitting the back of the slide as I tried to rack it all the way back. I noticed the Ejector was at a slight angle up which is why it's hitting the back of the slide when I'm putting it back on.

    I called Glock and they said that it was normal for all that. They said the 'wear' would stop eventually. Has anyone else ran into these issues and/or the wear on the slide. The wear would be over the Ejector. I have attached a few pictures.

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    I experienced all the same with a G20 Gen4 out of the box; a fine scratch line from Ejector, Ejector slightly nicking the Slide Cover Plate and difficulty re-mounting slide with Firing Pin forward. Of course with the Pin forward, the Firing Pin Safety is 'short' vs. extended. Spoke w/ Glock only about the fine scratch line. They said 'normal...will eventually cease with wear.' A handful of rounds later and it has diminished and I expect it to stop after another feeding or two. Not worried.

    When re-mounting the slide, I'm careful to avoid downward pressure against the frame so the ejector doesn't hit the cover plate. The non-remounting slide with the Firing Pin back and F-Pin Safety extended caught me off guard. Perhaps it would mount with more 'oomph' but no reason to force it. All functioning is hunky-dory.

  3. Or you can pull the trigger forward or push the trigger bar forward, then put the slide on. Give that a try.

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    This is exactly what I have to do on my 20sf to get the slide back on after I field strip mine.
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    I have same marking in my non sf gen.3 20. It's hard to see in pic. I checked my other Glock pistols. No other models had that mark, but my 20. Very interesting.