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  1. Chris76

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    Hey all, I wanted to get a glock 20 and reload for it. My question is do I need an aftermarket barrel to shoot lead safely? Thanks for your helP.
  2. G-23

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    Yes you will need another barrel.

  3. brutusvk

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    Yup x2. To shoot lead through a Glock you need traditionally rifling.
  4. chuckds

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    If you use FMJ bullets when you reload you can use your stock barrel without any harm.
  5. Chris76

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  6. tahcogunworks

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    Total BS about a new barrel. I shoot thousand of loads a month through stock barrels with lead with no issues.

    Keep your loads reasonable and use hard lead bullets and you'll be fine.

    Glock does not advise against lead. They say no reloads.

    Please someone show me a failure that occurred using lead.
  7. brutusvk

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    There has been more than one shown on this forum alone. It also void the warranty. Not to mention you can just google the subject and find lots of stories and photos. Do what you want with your pistol but do not discount the warnings given.
  8. ryanmckenna88

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    A gunsmith just taught me about this. He said the inside of glock barrels have "right angles" which cause lead to fail.
  9. Happysniper1

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    It is generally accepted that the geometry of the riflings (such as they are) on a Glock barrel (not having the standard grooves and landings), that lead will accumulate faster on the ridges (in a phenomenon called "cladding"), to such an extent that the cladding will eventually change the internal diameter of the bore, possibly leading to catastrophic bullet stoppage or dangerously increased pressures when firing which could lead to catastrophic chamber or barrel failure, neither of which is a good thing to have happen.

    With that being said, there are Members who shoot lead bullets thru their factory barrels and report no issues, but if done, it must be with a warning that the bore must be cleaned with a lead solvent to prevent this buildup.

    Should a failure of the chamber or barrel occur, when shipped to Glock for warranty repair, they may decline repair under warranty due to traces of lead cladding, as a violation of the terms of warranty coverage.

    It is a case of "you can if you want to, but know the risks and maintain a vigilant cleaning regimen."

    I myself would never shoot bare lead ammo thru any of my guns except the revolvers. The ammo may be cheaper, but the extra cleaning of the bore is a royal pain in the behind.

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  10. G-23

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    It is dangerous to shoot most lead through Glock barrels and Glock specifically states that in their booklets.

    "Use of non-factory loaded ammunition or ammunition loaded with non-jacketed (lead) bullets will void the warranty."

    Further more it states, "GLOCK pistols should only be used with quality factory ammunition that contains jacketed projectiles and is loaded to CIP/SAAMI/NATO standard pressures.'

    While there are harder lead bullets available they are not normally available in over the counter purchases. Hardened lead bullets in many cases also can use a special lube coating but the novice shooter would not know this.

    Leading of the barrel can and will occur even with copper-washed bullets that can appear to look much like the jacketed bullets. Leading is hard to remove as well.

    OP, please be certain to do your homework and understand the complications before you purchase materials to follow thur the reloading and shooting of lead using GLOCK barrels. Jacketed bullets aren't much more.
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    tachogunworks: This is only your second post and both have been negative...

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