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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by brutusvk, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. brutusvk

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    Ok, this is a weird question... But I was just looking at my Glock 20 and noticed it looks different than the rest of my Glocks. The back of the pistol is not flush. This is hard to explain so I took a picture. Does this look right? It shoots great it just looks different.

    Please excuse the cell phone pic but it was the only camera I had. Also excuse the silly question if it doesn't make any sense. lol Input is greatly appreciated.

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  2. SHOOTER13

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    Looks OK to me man...

    If it shoots OK, don't worry !

  3. Looks like its alright to me buddy, and as shooter says, if it shoots fine, dont worry lol
  4. brutusvk

    brutusvk New Member

    My wife said the same thing. This being my fourth Glock and it looks different than the other three, I got a bit paranoid. I am sure it is fine but I don't think I have seen a close up of the back of a 20 in a picture. So I had nothing to go by. lol
  5. GlockIt

    GlockIt Carry on my friends!!!!

    Yup it's fine (my 20)

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  6. nyycanseco33

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    My G21 which is basically the same size slide but different caliber is the same way, there isn't an issue here, just shoot the hell out of it and enjoy
  7. brutusvk

    brutusvk New Member

    Thanks, you guys gave me peace of mind. Thanks for attaching the picture too. I appreciate it!

    I will shoot the heck out of it this week. :)
  8. GlockIt

    GlockIt Carry on my friends!!!!

  9. shiflet

    shiflet New Member

    A little late maybe but my 20 looks just like it!
  10. Tape

    Tape New Member

    the G20 and G21 look the same, nothing wrong