Glock 20 Gen3 rsa issue

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  1. Apologies in advance if this is posted in the wrong section. I bought a brand new Gen3 G20 last week. I put about 50rds of Sig ball rounds thru and it ran as well as my Gen4 G20's. Took it home to disassemble it. As I am taking the slide off the rsa falls out and the barrel almost does but I catch it. I have never had this happen and I own four Gen3 Glocks and 8 Gen4's. So I reassembled the Gen3 20 and disassembled it about 10 times. Half the time the rsa would fall out, the other half it would remain where it was supposed to be.

    Is this normal and just something I haven't experienced yet?
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  3. Thank you! Glad I found this forum
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    Man I would be having a Glock armorer looking at the rsa, and barrel to make sure they are in spec.
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    Never had an RSA fall out on any Glocks including G20's. Sounds like something is wrong with the RSA or possibly it's the wrong RSA.
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    GLOCK OEM Factory Recoil Spring Assembly GLOCK 20/21/SF Models Gen 3 Polymer Black SP05586

    View attachment 166621
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    Found several guys with this issue on another forum:

    My G21 SF recoil spring assembly does not stay in place mated to the barrel for disassembly as the others do. I tried a new stock RSA and an LW stainless one. I also let a Glock armorer try a bunch of other RSA's at a gun show. They would not stay in place, either. It's iffy being able to get the slide off the frame and I can't count on doing it quickly.

    This has occurred since day one, but the pistol shoots okay, other than not coming apart as it should for cleaning. I feel like the resting place on the barrel for the RSA base is not in specification.
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    So I took a look at my gen.3 20. Mine holds even if I shake slide up & down.


  9. I called Glock and spoke to one of the techs I have dealt with in the past and he said that this issue is not uncommon in Gen3 20's and it's a non-issue if the gun runs fine which it has so far. He did mail me another rsa just to check to see if that made a difference or not. Still waiting for that rsa. The tech said he'd send me a pre-paid shipping label to take a look at my 20 if I wish. So I guess we'll see what happens with the new rsa.

    I have put another 100 rounds thru the gun with no issue whatsoever. I suppose it must not be a major issue if the gun still cycles fine. Do you guys see an issue with me continuing to use this G20 the way it is?
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    My glock 20 does have the infamous Glock rattle when mag loaded in gun.