Glock 20-10mm ammo

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  1. UrkyG20

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    i just recenlty purchase a g20. and im finding it hard to find ammo for it. i reside in California and with the law we have i cant order any online and have it ship. is there anyone who is in California and is around the Tracy to Sacramento area that knows where i could pick up some ammo for my g20?
  2. Birddogyz

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    Have your local Gun Shop order it for you. IF you bought then G20 from them, the least they can do is stock or order ammo fir it.
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  3. s2gots

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    Why can't it be shipped? I can't remember where, but the other day I was looking online for 10mm ammo and it was ship able to ca...
  4. havasu

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    I know of a few shops who have no problem shipping ammo in and out of California. Guns-no, but ammo-no problem.
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  5. I think that its only certain County and city regulations from what I read (either way its pretty bogus) If youre clear Id say check out Apologize if this was no help...
  6. chevelle427

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    10mm ammo and more

    see if your dealer can order from a co called Georgia arms they sell a lot of ammo around here .
    the last pack i bought was 50 rounds of 10mm 180gr jhp was $21.50 (new ammo) they sell reloads too.

    there number is

    770-459-5117, they sell all calibers i had to go to them for some 45gap

    they have a web site but i don't have the link handy

    i have bought and shot there ammo a lot and so far all is good, i reload most everything but it is still good to have some store bought stuff laying around,,:rolleyes:
  7. Dave5777

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    I live in California and have a G 20 I had no problem ordering and getting ammo shipped. To save money I purchased a 40 s&w conversion barrel from lone wolf. Now I can buy ammo at Walmart ;-)
  8. glocknloaded

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    I live in California as well( bay area) and just received 500 rnds from no problem
  9. Eric5457

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    I just read your post and have also ordered some 10mm Ammo from

    Again Thanks
  10. brucer41

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    Cabela's has good deals and prices, I bought a few boxes of 10mm at the near my home yesterday. Good supply of ammo in all sizes and prices.
  11. Eric5457

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    Thanks for the info, I also live in California and will do as you did to be able to buy ammo at Walmart.