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bunk22 said:
I'm a big fan of the G19 size and of course the 9mm. I do have a G23 that I shoot both .40 and .357 Sig through and I have started to carry the .357 Sig at times but the G19 and 9mm is my favorite still. It's the perfect size for me, conceal wise, holds 15+1, easy to shoot, inexpensive target ammo which means you can shoot it a lot. Until recently, I had a Gen 3 G19 but I prefer the Gen 4's though I've kept my Gen 3 G17 for now. I use my Gen 17 mags to shoot and carry with my G19. Overall, just a great gun IMO. My target ammo is generally WWB 115 gr as it's the least expensive around here, $22.79 per box of 100 at Walmart. Tula ammo is cheaper but don't trust it and Federal is close, $11.47 I think per box. My Self-defense ammo is Speer GD 124 p+ and 115gr standard.
What made you go with the gen 4 over the gen 3? The gen 3's feel great other than the damn finger grooves to me. Is there really a difference in recoil?
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