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  1. cop2b

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    All your thoughts and reviews about the G19 will be really helpfull.
  2. iamthedood

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    G19 is one of the most popular & my cc. It's the goldie-locks of the glocks .. ( not too big /too little... just right).
    'nuf said. ;)

  3. Can't go wrong...

    You cant go wrong with a 19. I am a big fan of the 9mm for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the cost of ammo. The 19 is a perfect size for both Home Defense and Concealed Carry. I own a 34, 19, and a 26. I mostly carry the 19 IWB and my 26 as BUG in an Ankle Glove...both are very comfortable and conceal very well on me.

    The 19 shoots very well, fits my hand perfectly, is easily controllable with the SD loads I carry, and feeds reliably everything I push its way. My range ammo is CCI Blazer in aluminum cases ($9.99 on box) and I have not experienced any FTF / FTE..

    I also appreciate the fact that the 9mm magazines are interchangeable. I carry both the 19 and the 26 with their standard mags ( 15 and 10 respectively) and I carry 2 model 17 mags on most occasions. They will fit in either gun as needed.

    The key is to carry whatever you feel comfortable with and that you shoot well. And the only way you are going to shoot well is to shoot often and seek professional training..

    Be well...
  4. I'm a big fan of the G19 size and of course the 9mm. I do have a G23 that I shoot both .40 and .357 Sig through and I have started to carry the .357 Sig at times but the G19 and 9mm is my favorite still. It's the perfect size for me, conceal wise, holds 15+1, easy to shoot, inexpensive target ammo which means you can shoot it a lot. Until recently, I had a Gen 3 G19 but I prefer the Gen 4's though I've kept my Gen 3 G17 for now. I use my Gen 17 mags to shoot and carry with my G19. Overall, just a great gun IMO. My target ammo is generally WWB 115 gr as it's the least expensive around here, $22.79 per box of 100 at Walmart. Tula ammo is cheaper but don't trust it and Federal is close, $11.47 I think per box. My Self-defense ammo is Speer GD 124 p+ and 115gr standard.
  5. lxlate

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    I have a 19. I looked at all the sizes and shot most of them before i decided to go with the 19 it was the last one i shot and first i got...
  6. cop2b

    cop2b New Member

    I'm looking for a good conceal weapon, and also making sure I get the most updated gen, so I don't have to deal with issues everyone claims they have.
  7. Danzig

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    What made you go with the gen 4 over the gen 3? The gen 3's feel great other than the damn finger grooves to me. Is there really a difference in recoil?
  8. okdonk

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    I always like newer and the latest. 3 mags instead of 2. And only $40-50 price difference but you got an extra mag.
  9. BabaaBooey

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    Im no gun expert, but i own the g19 gen 4 and love it dude. I have about 800 rounds in it of various brands without one hiccup!!! Im about 6'2" and 188 pounds, so i wouldnt try to conceal it in summer in the market for a pocket 380 for easy carry.

    All the initial issues with the gen 4 are resolved. Make sure it has the 043 spring and the updated ejector.

    I put the large backstrap on it the other day and then wondered why i didnt have it on from the beginning,,,fits me so much better...sometimes i regret not getting the 26, but i figured the 26 isnt that much easier to conceal than the 19 and the 19 is super fun to shoot.

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  10. Thesarge

    Thesarge "The Sarge"

    The Glock 19 is simply the pistol I feel every shooter should own. Get one and you won't regret it. Bill
  11. ANIMAL!!!

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    I'm am also a proud owner of a gen4 19, there is a major problem with its design though... Once you get it you feel the need to get a new glock everyday. So far the 19 is the only glock I own and that's only because I leave my credit card at home when I go to the shop/range!
  12. chuckds

    chuckds Certified Glock Armorer

    The 19 is a perfect "first Glock". A good CC, cheap ammo and accurate. If your like most people you will eventually own more than 1 Glock, a 19 is a good start.
  13. For me, I like the Gen 4 with no back strap, it's the perfect fit for my hand. That is the main reason. The second is the larger magazine release, don't have to change my grip. Those are the main reasons, the grip texture I do like but not a deal breaker. I didn't see a difference in recoil between the two. The finger grooves don't bother me at all so not a factor.
  14. Dune18

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    I have a gen 3 19 and I love it. It is my usual carry gun. However, I just traded in an older handgun and ordered a glock 23 gen 4. Exact same size as the 19. Whoever said you can't own just one is right.
  15. j102

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    I agree. Start with the G19, because it's true (like he said): you will eventually own more than one Glock. :)
  16. My G19 G4 has the 043 RSA. How do I know if the ejector is the updated one? Tx.
  17. cop2b

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    Shot the g19 Gen 4 today love it! Gotta work on my trigger pull and to be less jumpy.


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  18. Birddogyz

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    The 19 is a great all round weapon. Easy to conceal and big enough for all day shooting at the range.
  19. sabrina

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    I was jumpy too at first, then I shot a 45 and a 10 mm. Now my 19 feels like a bb gun. I think it helped me calm down. I'm only about a 500 rd shooter. At least I don't close my eyes anymore!
  20. rv19

    rv19 New Member

    Glock 19 gen3 owner here. Its my first gun and love it. Thinking of getting a glock26 now.