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Price Range:$500.00 - $599.00
Average Price: $549.00

I've carried numerous Glocks over the past 23 of my 30 years in law enforcement. My agency first transitioned from revolvers to Glock in 1990. We started with the Glock 17 and several years later went to the G22 to now where we can choose either the G22 or the G21 for department issue sidearm.

I've carried a G27 for off-duty and back-up purposes and have been impressed with all these guns. I recently purchased a G19 Gen 3 for off-duty as well as a defensive pistol competition group that I participate in. I have a couple of hundred rounds through it already with only one (1) failure to feed within the first 12 rounds fired which I attributed more to the frangible ammo we used at our agency range, and no issues since. The accuracy out to 20 yards is phenomenal, easy handling of the 9mm recoil let's me stay on target for faster subsequent rounds.

I like carrying the G19 for off-duty in an IWB, conceals easily even with shorts and a t-shirt. I carry the G21 on-duty and while I own other brands firearms that I like a lot. I feel that my muscle memory is in total sync with the Glocks platform. So I carry them pretty much exclusively 24/7/365.For me, there's Glock, then everything else.

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